Monday, August 1, 2011

Dude, it's August?!

Yes dude, who ever you are, it is in fact August. It's so hard to believe. It feels like yesterday I just got out of school. Summer will do that to you, won't it?

So what does August mean? Well for me it means..

1. The beach in four days (YAY!)
2. Seeing my awesome cousins at their farm (YAY)
3. Me and Evie's birthday in 27 days (YAY)
4. Getting my permit in 28 days (YAY)
5.Finale of SYTYCD and America's Got Talent. (BOO)
6. School in 24 days (BOO)
7. The Lying Game #2 "Never Have I Ever" will be out in one day! (YAY)
8. Only 24 more days of sleeping in and freedom away from all those people I despise (BOO)
9. Only 24 more days to get a ton of writing done for Flawed. (BOO)
10. Dance starts soon and we get to learn all our new dances! (YAY)

So, yeah. I mean this time last year I did have a blog, it just wasn't this one. That blog got no viewers what so ever. This one, I am astonished with! Want to see? I don't care I'm showing you anyway..

-July 2011 my blog got 2,281 page views. That's not my best, but still pretty good.

- My most popular post of July 2011 was Dance Moms, really? (Someone on another website actually referenced me in their blog post and used my opinion of the show!) That post is actually also the most popular post of ALL TIME! Then next in line for all time popularity is Read, don't smoke weed and Karma is a female dog. 

-The 828 is international! All the countries from where my viewers come from are...
America (Duh)
United Kingdom
Czech Republic

That is so awesome!  I can't believe someone all the way in France is viewing my blog! Or, Brazil! I'm German and Polish so that's amazing too! I can't believe I'm reaching that many people with this blog. Just wow.

-The browsers that view this blog are...
Internet Explorer
Mobile Safari
Mobile (?)
NS8 (?)
GranParadiso (Never heard of that)

-Then there's operating systems....
Ipod (That's most likely me...)
Ipad ( I WANT AN IPAD!!!)
Blackberry (Might also be me..)

Play Station 3.

Who the heck is viewing my blog from a Play station 3? Why?! That's still really awesome though. I mean that someone went on my blog from an Ipad, that is so cool!

My page views of all time history is 10,752. I don't think I could have viewed this blog that many times on my own.. 0.o so thanks guys!

I mean this blog just started out as a simple news blog with no intention of ever getting 70 followers, now look where it's gotten! Just, thank you all so much for following or even looking at this blog. It means the world to me!

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Evie J said...

Girl, we need to talk about these shows while they're on! haha! I don't know anyone else who watches them! Whoo! I love all the August posts showing in my dashboard! haha! :)

Paige said...

YES! I've watched it since season 1! I'll be tweeting you about it haha! Did you see that stupid Professor Slash last week? and HE WENT THROUGH OVER THE MAGICIAN! I was so mad. That Anna Graceman and Daniel Joseph Baker are my favorites. Who is yours?

Yeah not many people I know watch it, it's sad :( Just another thing we have in common other than our birthdays baha :p

Thanks for commenting! :)

Dia said...

I do! I do! ;)

Evie J said...

@Paige: GAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! I KNOWWWWW!!!! What in the WORLD?!?!?! -_________________- My dad watches it too, but he hasn't seen the results for last week yet. He's going to be so angry. haha! I haven't told him yet! And I LOVE Anna and Daniel! And the silhouette people are cool. The concept is great. Also the teenage band with all boys and the girl? I like them too! Dang...I like a lot of them! haha!

alaw said...

:O I'm half-Polish!!!

Jenna Blake Morris said...

I can't believe August's already here. Haha, that's just *not* okay. I don't know where all the time went!

Congrats on all your blog growth! That's amazing. And all those people from so many different countries? Keep up the good work! (:

Qui said...

I think that this month has been a really slow one for blogger. My blog only got 3thousand something views. Normally I get like 6 thousand!!!!
Stupid slow months. *sigh*

The Divine Writer said...

Hey! I'm an august baby too! My birthday is on Wednesday!

Paige said...

Thank you guys!

@Alaw- Awesome! Go Polish people!

@Jenna- Thank you! I know, it's hard to believe, I wish I could back up time!

@Qui- Yeah, definitely! I usually get over 3,000 every month and this month it's in the low 2,000's. I think summer is slow all together haha!

@Divine writer (Jen)- happy almost birthday! Go August babies!

Paige said...

@Dia- do you mean you watch AGT too?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, that's awesome! Don't you love stats? ;) Ten thousand views is awesome! I'm at 6,298. And isn't it so cool that you can see where all your readers are from?! I love it. I had a few from Chile, too, by the way!

And awesome about someone using your opinion of the show! I like how stats shows you where your views are coming from. I actually get a bunch from, which I guess means people are finding me through search. I got 123 from just this week! :D Of course, sometimes I'll see a website in the traffic sources, click on it, and find nothing referring people to my blog. Which is strange... but what can you do?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer - it sounds like you've got a lot to look forward to, even among the stuff you're dreading! :D

Sam said...

Awesome! My birthday's the 12th of August!

Converse said...

I viewed your Blog from the iPad... Not that I have one, I was using my older brothers and I was desperate to see us you posted anything new :D