Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dance Moms, really?

Many of us here on Blogger are or were dancers, including myself. Those of you who are, you might want to check this out. 
Dance Moms, a reality show on Lifetime. Okay, really? Come on now. This is crazy! 

"The series, premiering tomorrow, Wednesday, July 13, at 10 p.m., is set at a Pittsburgh dance studio run by an officious, bullying teacher who berates her dance students and bickers with their obnoxious stage mothers, who, in turn, occasionally fight with and trash one another. The dancers, all young girls, are tarted up like Vegas showgirls.

Although workplace despots and delusional, self-absorbed, affluent women are a dime a dozen in reality TV, the examples on “Dance Moms” are good ones, so people who want to see more of them may enjoy the show, as will people who want to see prepubescent girls in makeup and tight-fitting clothes. But as a look into what could be an interesting world — children’s dance competitions — the series falls short."- Media Life Magazine.

Okay, I know all you guys aren't competitive dancers so you may not have crazy moms or teachers at your studio or have seen them. A dance competiton is just like a huge recital, with all different studios combined, and judges.
 The only one I know on here who is, is Marisa. She would be able to tell you that this is insanity! Not all dance moms and teachers are crazy or evil! Mine aren't!

But some are...
We go to competitions and do our dances. Some moms treat this like the Olympics, they just pressure their daughters so much and it's not right! Dance competitions are for having fun and healthy competition, not craziness and pressure! 

But in this series, the TEACHER is the evil one. She treats them like they are going off to war. If my dance teacher was like that, I'd quit.
The studio where the show is filmed is NEAR WHERE I LIVE! My studio has competed against this studio! GAH! It's hard to believe that those girls are treated like that. They pay money to go there so they shouldn't be yelled at and insulted.

"The premiere episode introduces us to Abby Lee Miller, the artistic decorator and chief choreographer at the Abby Lee dance studio. An imposing woman, she appears in the opening montage telling her slender charges things like “I am your coach; your mother is not your coach” and “Suck it up. I don’t want to see those tears.” "

I knew I didn't like that studio....

I've been in these girl's positions. Competitions are really stressful, but it doesn't call for that kind of behavior. 

See! That woman is a witch! My dance teachers are nothing like that! It's so stereotypical! GAH! 

I'm watching it, I want to see what these girls go through. Our teachers always tell us to have fun and do our best at competitions. These girls.... not so much...
Let me know if you're watching it or your thoughts!
This is a scheduled post, I hope it worked.. I'm off visiting two colleges today. I can't wait to watch this when I get home though..

Any other dancers feel judged? 

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Amaranthine said...

One of my friends goes to a studio where the studio owner/main teacher hates her. :'( She encourages other students but to my friend she only criticizes her. Most dance teachers and parents are amazing though. :D

Anonymous said...

UGH! That's horrible!

Marisa said...

Oh, believe me, Paige. I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. Some of the girls in my class do have those obnoxious stage mothers, trying to get us all to practice and yelling at us backstage before a competition. I'm like... we know what we're doing. Luckily, the girl who's mother was the worst left the team, phew.

BUT that is definitely not the majority! I have to give it to my studio for having the most amazing group of teachers. They're all supportive and constructive, and they drill in us that as long as we do our best, it's okay. They boost our confidence, not belittle us. And you know what? We always do AMAZING come competition time!

That's crazy that you know that studio, and that you've competed against them! I didn't even know about this show until now... but I'll have to check it out now.

It's funny, but my mom is the total opposite of a stage mom. It's become sort of a joke between us. Like seriously, when we have a competition she comes backs with me and makes sure I'm all set... and then she goes sit down and watches the whole thing. I do my own hair and makeup beforehand, so it's always easy. In the meantime... other kids are screaming at there mom's for brushing their hair too hard... haha. But yeah, my mom is really good like that. We make fun of all the obnoxious stage mom's together.

Sorry this comment got long, lol! I tend to get on a role when it comes to anything dance related!

Marisa :]
The Writing Dancer

Devin said...

I'm a competitive dancer! Well actually, right now I'm taking a season off due to my broken wrist during last season. My mom is the FARTHEST thing from a stage mom. Literally, the FARTHEST. I'm sure her and I will probably end up watching this show and getting a kick out of it. Sure, there are stage mothers. Actually, where I dance there are quite a few. They like to control the scene and run the show. I know how that goes...but obviously not all of them are like that.
So basically, I agree completely with Marisa's comment.
Nice post. :)

Munch said...

I just wrote a really long comment and the Blogger deleted the whole thing...
Anyway, I've never done a dance competition before, but if we did and had moms like that, I probably would scream. I'm lucky my mom isn't a stage mom. She just sits backstage with us and talks :D
And the dance teacher. What the heck! She is insane! My dance teachers works us, but it's only so we get better. And they have never made any of us cry because they were being mean and working us to the bone.
I think I shall TiVO this show and see how mean she actually is!

Jedi~Chick said...

My gosh. That's terrible.

Honestly though, I understand. Because at the studio where I go, everyone is SUPER nice, the teachers and staff, but the KIDS are HORRIBLE. Some of the mothers....OH MY WORD THEY ARE SUCH WITCHES. It's horrid. They scream and yell and throw fits over EVERY LITTLE THING and then complain OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER over everything!!!!!! It's so irritating. No wonder Mr. Mike (the guy who works the front desk, the owner's brother in law) always has to go outside to smoke. XDDD I'd want to too if I was trapped in that studio 24/7 with such evil whiny, complaining women. :P

Sorry to rant.

Sam said...

OMG!!! I have to watch! That's terrible what that teacher is doing to those kids. A hobby like dancing should be fun, not torture. Good post btw :)

Paige said...

See! You are all just proof that this show is stupid and stereotypical! Thank you all for commenting!

Anonymous said...

:/ There's no need for someone to be mean to kids... I'd like to believe that that "reality" show was mostly made up. *crosses fingers*