Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yeah, it's the 29th of February

Hey guys! I just really wanted to post today because it's a leap year! That only happens once every four years, might as well document it somehow! Next time this happens, I'll be a junior in college!
Last time it happened I was in 8th grade...
Wow... does time fly.

This year is going so fast, I can't believe it's already almost March! What happened to winter?! I don't know about you guys, but we barely had one where I live.
The fact that I don't want this year to end is making it go fast...

Oh my gosh fellow Inkies, have you heard the news? Inkpop will be merging with Figment within the next two days! I am so upset. Inkpop is where I discovered that I wanted to become an author. Where I grew so much as a writer. Where I met so many awesome people. Where I spent the past two summers.
I am not going to cry... not going to cry...
I hate Figment.
I have one, but never actually go on it. It's a retarded site compared to Inkpop.
Honestly, I think Inkpop started to die when they changed the design, and now it's finally dead.
Makes me so sad.

Then it went down hill...
And now.. it's gone...

And Delirium fans... we have been waiting a long time for this...

It's finally here! Wooooo! I am hopefully getting it tonight! I actually want to own this book for real! 
If Alex is really dead, I am just going to die myself. 

Well, this post was brief and random. Back to homework... hope you guys are doing well and Happy Leap Day/ Year... or whatever...

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Amaranthine said...

:( I miss the ol inkpop radioactive green.

Happy leap day, Paige!


Jessica said...

i never went on inkpop... i guess it's too late, huh? congrats on the exciting new book! happy leap day =D

Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

Megan said...

I'm throwing an Inkpop Funeral tomorrow on my blog. :'(


Meredith said...

I used to love Inkpop once upon a time, but I lost interest sometime last year. I guess I don't have the time anymore. :( And I get the Figment Daily Writing Prompts delivered to my email and they're pretty good. I also did a live chat with authors the other day on there and it was pretty fun! Figment and Inkpop are certainly different but I think it'll be alright that they're combined.

(totally agree w/ you about the inkpop design though!)

Anonymous said...

winter sure did fly by, didn't it! it's snowing right now and can't wait to grab some photos of it in the morning!

happy leap day!

Devin said...

I don't write, so I never used either site, but I did read stories on them sometimes! I don't get what's up with all these sites merging or whatever! I always used Picnik to make my blog banners, and now it's merging with Google+ in April :(
Thanks for the comment on my blog! It may sound sappy, but it totally made me cry! I'm just overwhelmed right now. More to come on that probably. It's just always disappointing when you put faith in someone who lets you down.

Anonymous said...

Happy Leap Day, Paige! (Hehe, sorry I'm a little late...) It's crazy that in four more years I'll be nineteen, almost twenty. Twenty! How weird is that?!

We did have a super mild winter, didn't we? It was funny, because the other day we got a few inches of snow, and everyone was getting all worked up over this "winter storm". All I could think was, "Do you not remember last winter? THAT was a winter storm! Four inches is not a winter storm!" ;)

I'm not on Inkpop myself, but I know it's been a really great place for you to post your writing. Sorry to hear it's not going to be around anymore! But who knows, maybe when they merge it with Figment they'll change some of the stuff you don't like about it. :) Silver lining!


Anonymous said...

C hecking out inkpop now! A lot of singers on your list I love like regina spektor and...about all of them.