Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Write, Forest, Write!

Hey, well look at that, it's November! Oh, November, you sly dog. October went so fast I forgot you were coming.
Just kidding, how could I possibly forget?

Yeah, I've never actually seen the movie Forest Gump,  but I've heard the saying "Run, Forest, Run!" so many times, so I thought it fit in here well.
NaNoWriMo has arrived! Well, mini NaNo for me.

The 30th of November will actually be a 29k VICTORY DANCE! My original goal was 25k, but since I cheated and wrote about 4k before November, I figured, I'll just raise by goal by 4k, so I'm still getting in 25,000 words this month.
Maybe I can make it to 26,000, which would then be 30k total for my novel.

I'm looking forward to a month full of writing! I can't wait to see everyone's NaNo posts and etc! Good luck to everyone!

October did definitely go a lot faster than September. I think it's because September was that "getting used to everything again," month and now by October we are in full swing and used to it.

I hope this month is a good one and some happy things happen in my life.
Well, I already know of a few good things that are happening this month!

ONE- NaNoWriMo begins!

TWO- This month I am going to the Lauren Froderman Dance Convention Tour! Lauren Froderman is the So You Think You Can Dance season 7 champion! She's traveling to a few cities and having a day long workshop! I'm so excited to meet her, she is one of my biggest idols!

THREE- Thanksgiving is this month, which means... TIME OFF SCHOOL!

FOUR- The 828 (Imagination is Center Stage) will be getting a new look! I won a design in a giveaway on Qui's blog, and it will be designed by Laura! I'm so excited! I love this design a lot, but I've had it since the end of June, so it's about time for something new.

A lot of things happened in October, especially for this blog.
One, I reached over 100 followers!
Two, it was my year anniversary!

And in my life-
Remember how I said I was trying to start a dance team at my school? Well, I DID! We had tryouts in October and we got the team together! We are starting practices this Thursday!

And what about reading?
Well, let's see, in October I read 4 and a half books. That's kind of sad, but I can't help it.

I read..
Blood Promise, Vampire Academy # 4 by Richelle Mead,
Sprit Bound, Vampire Acadmeny # 5
Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor
Last Sacrifice, Vampire Academy # 6
Bloodlines by Richelle Mead (Over half way done now!)

They were all pretty amazing, I don't even think I can pick a favorite. Check out the Reader's Ramble's of those books on my "About Me," page! The VA books were all reviewed together in one post.

What do I plan/ hope to read in November?
Finish reading Bloodlines by Richelle Mead
The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkins
Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake
Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts.
Amy & Rogers Epic Detour by Morgan Matson

I am most excited to read
these on November.

I am pretty sure I am going to beat my goal of 45 books for 2011.. maybe I'll crank it up to 50 books!

Well, hope you all have a great November!

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Faraway Hana said...

*waves excitedly* Hiiiiiiiiii! :3
Good luck for NaNo this month! And that's so cool about the workshop :D And the dance team. Sorry this comment is rather fragmented and such. I am overly excited about NaNo and incredibly anxious :3 Well, Happy November and best of luck! *zooms away*

Cubette said...

i'm going to set a goal for myself... sounds fun! i decided i couldn't handle nano this year, but best of luck!

Jenna Cooper said...

Good luck with your mini NaNo! It sounds like November will be exciting for you!

Taylor Lynn said...

Good luck with NaNo, Paige! Ahh, I can hardly believe it's finally here! I was so happy to get started on my novel yesterday; haha, I wrote all day! ;)

But bad, bad girl. How could NOT HAVE SEEN FORREST GUMP?! :O Must watch it! (Actually, I could use a rewatch soon, haha!)

That's a lot of exciting stuff for the month - especially about the dance team (congrats!) and MEETING YOUR IDOL, LAUREN FRODERMAN! How exciting, tell us how it goes!

Can't wait to see the new design! <3 Hugs!

Juliet said...

good luck!!!! :) i <3 forest gump. also i saw you like delirium, thats my all time favorite book! :)

Amanda said...

Your November seems super busy! I hope everything goes well!

Congrats on the dance team too, that sounds like fun!

Converse said...

Hey Paige! I just wanted to tell you that my Friend Laura made a blog! Check it out!