Sunday, October 30, 2011

I have come to a decision.

What's your decision about Paige? Well, imaginary follower I am making ask this question, my decision is about NaNoWriMo.
I know what you experienced NaNo's are saying..
PAIGE! NaNo is in less than 2 days and you just made your decision NOW?!

Yeah, unfortunately it took me this long to ponder over whether I would be able to handle 50,000 words in one month for a novel I'm still pretty unsure about. I don't even have a pitch for it yet.

I remember last year in the middle of November 2010 when I had just started blogging and gotten more serious about writing, I was on Inkpop and saw everyone talking about NaNoWriMo. I was literally thinking to myself, what the heck is that?! So I finally found out, and by the time I did it was the end of November, so obviously I could not participate.

I promised myself I would this year. I mean, if I actually want to be a novelist in the future, I NEED to do this. It's great experience. And how could I just sit out when everyone else was writing novels? I don't like to be the odd one out.

And when this year rolled around, I found I can't physically and emotionally handle 50,000 words, that's just not possible with my November schedule. I'd go nuts with stress with school being extremely hard this year, dance 4 days a week, and just life.

Trust me, I wish so badly I could do 50k, that would be amazing. I just don't have the time. I'd definitely end up choosing NaNo over school work.. and that would not result very well.

BUT, did you notice I said just 50,000 words?
Maybe, just maybe, I could handle 25,000 in a month. Maybe even a little more.

Yeah, I am aware I won't "win" NaNo if I don't do 50,000. That's okay with me, because I joined the Young Writers Program which is a branch off of NaNoWriMo.

On this site you can set goals other than 50,000. And my goal for November with my novel "Fix You," is 25k for November. So I'm still kind of participating, just not writing 50k.

I mean how could I not participate at all? I love to write, so I can't just not do it when I know something this big is going on around me. I know tons of you guys on here are doing it too, and I don't want to be left out.

I know my blogger friend Qui has been talking a lot about NaNo and is planning to do some pretty awesome stuff on her blog in November in honor of NaNo, and I'm really looking forward to it.

I'll be uploading my book to the NaNoWriMo site and the YWP site, or however that works. So, add me to your writing buddy list on both sites!
My NaNoWriMo profile
My YWP profile. (You must be a member to add me or even see my profile)

Yeah, I won't "win" truly on NaNo, but I'll win in my own mind if I actually make it to 25k by the end of the month.

I actually started an outline for the book. I've never done that before. I didn't get very far, but I still started it! I created a cover and I'm going to write a pitch now! Or at least attempt to...

Do you guys like it?

Read the prologue from Fix You here! Well, add me to your buddy lists and happy writing! Good luck to everyone!
Let me know if you guys are doing YWP or just regular NaNo. Do you guys have any tips for me since this is my first time ever? Planning any fun activities on your blog? Let me know in the comments!
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Taylor Lynn said...

Congrats on your decision! :D

It's good that you know what you can and can't handle, and that you made a decision based on that. And 25,000 is still a pretty big number! Besides, if you set your goal to 25K on the YWP, you'll win there. And you'll know that you reached the goal you set for yourself, meaning you'll be pretty proud of yourself, haha!

Congrats on the outline, cover and pitch as well... I can't wait to read the pitch! And that cover is adorable. (Is adorable an acceptable word to use, or do you take offense at it? Because I could also say it's an awesome cover. Or a pretty cover. Whatever works. ;D)


Marisa said...

YAY for doing NaNo! Or rather mini-NaNo. Still, 25k is more than I'd be able to do.

I decided that instead of officially doing NaNo, I'm going to set a personal goal for myself. I'm back in the mood to work on DTL, which is so exciting to me. So I'm making a personal goal to have this rewrite finished by the new year. I'm about 1/2 finished, so it's still a big goal for me. Also I'm going to be outlining my new contemp. novel :D

I read your prologue for FIX YOU and I LOVED it... seriously Paige your writing has grown so much since I've last read it. Once you're ready for betas for FIX YOU, you know who to go to ;)

Good luck with your goal! :)

Paige said...

@Taylor- Yeah, I'm hoping I can at least win on YWP, that'd be great! Hopefully I'll have the pitch done soon, and you know when I do I'll send it to you! And no, I do not take offense at the word adorable :p Thanks Taylor!

@Marisa- I'm so glad you are back in the mood, because DTL is AMAZING!! I got that email you sent me today, I can't wait to read it! Good luck with your goal, make sure you send me the chapters as you do them :) I may not get to them right away but I always will eventually!

Aw, thank you! I'm so glad you liked it, that means a lot coming from a wonderful writer like yourself! And yay! I will :)
Thanks and good luck to you too! :D

Quinn said...

Even if you aren't doing 50k, at least you're doing it!!

Taylor Lynn said...

Awesome, Paige! I know I've said this before, but I'm looking forward to reading more of "Fix You". I agree with Marisa - I think your writing has definitely grown! Can't wait to read more about Faye and Alice! :D

Devin said...

I love it! Once upon a time I participated in NaNoWriMo. Then I remembered that I can't write anything worth a penny, so, subsuquently I failed. As in, maybe like 1,000 words actually made it onto paper. I know, sad. Maybe next year I will try again! You've inspired me! Now you will just have to remind me... I think it's a good idea to start with the Young Writer's program, especially if this is your first time. And, you are a young writer, so it makes since! :) Good luck with your novel! I will be sure to read it! As I've mentioned before, I'm always very jealous of your fabulous writing skills!!

The Divine Writer said...

Hiya Paige!
How are ya doing? I'm also doing Nano this year. I'm continuing the re-write of The Ranch at Lake Aurelia and I'm so excited! I'm spending tonight and tomorrow plotting it all out (since I already have almost 5000 words).

So if you need another writing buddy, let me know and maybe we can meet up one day and write write write! :)

Jenna Cooper said...

Hey Paige, I just wanted to drop in and let you know that I've given you a blog award over on my blog. :)