Monday, November 21, 2011

Ironic, isn't it?

I actually took this picture myself and Instagramed it.. I'm really proud of it!

Yesterday, at P.F Changs, I nonchalantly ripped open my fortune cookie and found that inside. 
It was pretty shocking to me, because the fortunes are usually pretty pointless and stupid. But this one is actually very relevant to my life right now. 

And the reason I'm sharing it is because it may apply to your lives, too.

The lives of us writers. 

That's probably how a lot of us feel right now, I know I do. It was just so ironic because it's NANOWRIMO, the month of writing and you know what I feel my writing is?

 Total Crap.

I have a little over 28k done, and I'm really behind. I feel like the writing quality sucks, I am terrible, the story is awful, and it's going to go down the drain. 

Is that fortune right? Will it get easier? Will I ever like the stuff I write? Will I ever feel good about myself? I hope so. 

Thanksgiving break is my "Epic Writing Time" and I'll hopefully be able to make it to 50k by next Tuesday! I am hoping and praying I will, but who knows. 

So, yeah, just thought I'd share that pretty awesome fortune I got. 

Some updates-
-I'm now obsessed with the Instagram app.. I've been tweeting a lot of pictures that I Instagramed. The one up there is one of them and there's more on my About page!

One I did today of me and my cousin, Mary! I'm in love with this picture.

-On November 13th I went to the Lauren Froderman Dance Convention Tour and I MET LAUREN FRODERMAN, ONE OF MY IDOLS! I got her autograph and a picture with her, here it is! (And no, it's not Instagramed.)

I expected her to be kind of stuck up, you know because she's the Season 7 winner of So You Think You Can Dance, but she was totally awesome! She was so nice and hilarious. Her personality was really similar to mine, I was so surprised! We had an awesome time at the convention, the dances we learned were really cool!
And while we were there, I finally got my left split! I've had my right split for years, but now finally got my left, I was so proud of myself! 

-I'm totally obsessed with this NigaHiga video right now, and thought I'd share it with you guys because it's HILARIOUS.

Hahahah! I love him.

-This weekend I went to go see Breaking Dawn, Part 1. And I must say, it was pretty good. Definitely the best adaption of a book so far. I am glad they are doing it in two parts, they'll be able to get more included, since Breaking Dawn is such a long and awesome book! Did you guys see it yet? If so, what did you think of it?

-I spy with my little eye.. THE HUNGER GAMES MOVIE POSTER IN THE THEATER, WOO HOOO! Is it March 23rd yet?!
And of course I had to Instagram it, DUH. 

-I am now a member of the blog- For The Love of Contemporary! Some of you may have heard of it or are already following it, but if not, go check it out! I'll be posting once a month starting on the 29th.. I think..
Anyway, go check it out! A bunch of published authors post on there and it's really cool! Especially if you love YA Contemporary books! And even if you don't, not all the posts will be about books. My first post isn't about books..
I'm honored to be a member of the blog, especially since so many amazing and illustrious people in the writing world post on it! Thank you so much Jolene Perry, the author of The Next Door Boys, for asking me to be a part of it!

That's it for now, hope you guys are doing good! There haven't been a lot of posts in my feed lately, I guess you guys are as busy as I am! Good luck to all you NaNo people, too!

This post started out with a purpose and then just got totally random....
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Jessica said...

ohmigosh, i really wish i could go see breaking dawwwwwn! but it's a complicated situation. at least i'll be able to see the hunger games!

Evie J said...

Oooo! Congrats on becoming a member of that blog! And OH MY GOSH! YOU MET LAUREN?!?!?! NO WAY!!!

Christa said...

Okay, there is so much awesome in this post, I don't know where to start. Except to say, I am totally delighted you are going to be joining us at For The are made of awesome.

Anonymous said...


1) That fortune is so awesome! I LOVE it! I think writing does get easier, though I don't know if it ever gets EASY, LOL. ;)

2) THAT'S SO AWESOME ABOUT MEETING LAUREN FRODERMAN! I mean, I don't really know much about her, but it's fantastic that you got to meet your idol. <3 So happy for you!

3) Love love love NigaHiga videos! xD They just about always succeed in making me laugh. TEEHEE!

4) Haven't seen "Breaking Dawn Pt. 1" yet, but I'm glad you liked it!


6) Last of all, congrats on being a guest poster! I'll have to check out the blog!