Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I love these shoes, I don't care what anyone says.
They are my Osiris High Tops. My definition of what a lover of hip hop dancing would wear. And hence, since I love hip hop and think I'm at least half decent at it, I wear them. I'm not a gangster, nay nay. I'm pretty much the whitest girly girl you'll ever meet.

I was really scared to wear these at first, but I lost count of the compliments I got on them.
Once, I was at an amusement park, and two strangers came up to me and told me they loved these shoes.

They are my little Osiris shoes. That's what my feet like to dress themselves in on certain occasions. How about yours?
Go do that photo challenge, it's pretty fun! 

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Jessica said...

haha! someone else used this title in a separate link-up this morning :P i love those shoes!!!

Jocee said...

those are thee coolest shoes. just sayin'. really. thanks for entering!
-jocee <3

Juliet said...

I love those shoes! really cute! loved the guest post, it was fab! thanks for doing it and love the blog design!

Taylor Lynn said...

Haha, love it! Isn't it so fun when you wear something different and people notice and compliment you? Haha, I was wearing my leopard-print fedora at a green [eco-friendly] fair at my dad's work, and a guy from CL&P was there to talk about ways to conserve electricity. He had a CFL lightbulb as an example, and he gave it to me because he loved my hat! xD It was funny.

Love your shoes, Paige - very colorful, and I'm glad you love them!

hayley said...

Cute shoes! :)