Friday, July 1, 2011

Driver's Ed Graduate! And other news..

Sorry I've been M.I.A the past few days. I was forced to take a Drivers Ed class by my mother!
The class was from Monday through Friday, six hour long sessions. So I didn't have too much time to blog, but I'm done now! Thank goodness!

Just kidding, I actually learned a little bit, but hardly anything at all! Nothing I learned will really help me pass my permit test after my 16th, August 28th. (Hence the title of this blog)
The teacher we had was a nightmare. He got off topic every five minutes, swore in class, rambled about things that had nothing to do with driving, told too many stories, repeated annoying phrases over and over again. Don't you just hate a teacher like that?
It was miserable.
I don't feel like I'm ready for a permit test. I heard they aren't hard, but still. I guess I'll have to study from the book... gag. At least I get 15% of my car insurance in the future for taking the class.
The class wasn't cheap either. I am angry.
On the third day of class, our teacher was like, "Even though this is day three, we are still on day two of material."
I'm like *!?#$!*^ IT'S YOUR FAULT!
So yeah, that's why my posting has been less frequent.

In other news..HOLY SNAPPLE! It's July! Wow! Does time fly!
Yes, I said Holy Snapple, it's my new obsession. I got addicted to it in class this week.

Try Snapple if you never did, it's amazing! I HATE Tea but I still love this! We would walk to a ner by Sheetz every day for lunch and I'd get one of these!

In other news...
I HAVE REACHED A PERSONAL BEST ON INKPOP! Flawed is currently ranked at 267, that's the best I ever got with one of my projects!
The Sixth Sense never made it out of the 1000's, The Angel That Turned Dark never made it out of the 800's, and The Bucket List never made it out of the 300's.
As you can see, I improve each time. Even if they rankings aren't great, it still shows improvement for me.
Well, a better post will hopefully be up later!
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Qui said...

Hee, I'm not taking drivers ed. I'm studying at home and I'm going to take the test to get my permit on Friday.

Evie J said...

Hey! Hey you! Driver's Ed! Whooo! haha! :)

But I'm here to deliver the news that...YOU WON!!! The layout thing! Yay! I was going to write all the details on here--since I forgot to ask for emails! haha!--but then I remembered you're on Twitter. So when you get this, can you shoot me a DM with your email? Then we'll get started personalizing! Yay! :)

Amaranthine said...

Congrats paige! XD I entered the contest as well! :)

I love snapple too!!!!!!!!!!! and I wanna drive a bubblegum pink VW beetle...

Anonymous said...

Congrats about "Flawed"! I'm still planning on reading that soon, I'm sorry I haven't gotten to it yet... I need my dad to download something on my computer to open it. :P And we were gone camping for a week... but I do hope to read it soon! Really!