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1. The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative: "flashes of inspiration."

Inspiration, it's all around us. We all have people, places, and things that inspire us to do what we do and how we act. Especially us writers and performers.

In this post I am going to talk about what inspires and influences me in my writing .

Maybe they are an inspiration to you also, or maybe they will be one day.

Other authors inspire me to write. A few days ago in a critique I got on Flawed, someone found similarities in my writing to Lauren Oliver's Before I Fall and Lisi Harrison's The Clique books. I almost fell over, she was dead on.

Both of these authors and books are some of my favorites. Their characters and plots influence mine a lot. And for someone to see that influence in mine meant a lot. It was shocking. These authors' greatness and success inspires me to keep writing.

Another author that is a huge influence and inspiration in my writing is Sara Dessen, especially with her Pretty Little Liars series and The Lying Game series.

Her writing just astounds me every time I read it.

She's an evil writing genius! These authors inspire me to keep writing and not give up, because maybe one day I can be successful like them

All of these authors are my idols in writing.

All of you guys on blogger also inspire me to write, blog, and read every day. Thank you for all being so nice to me and commenting on my blog and writing. It means a lot. You also all inspire me to never give up on my dreams, you're all so kind.

Yay blogging buddies!

Another influence on my writing is school.
I know what you're thinking, "Paige, don't you hate school? You told us how much you despise it many times! Were you lying? LIAR!"

Yeah, I do hate it, but it influences many of the situations that I create in Flawed. One of my classes gave me the idea.

For the longest time I wanted to write a book that had dancing in it, but it just couldn't be about dancing! That'd be boring! It had to have something else.. more drama and suspense.. another plot to go along with the dancing. So I pondered and pondered for months, coming up with nothing. I was blank.

Then there I was, sitting in my Child Development class. We were discussing the day you actually have your baby and what goes on in the hospital. (Or wherever one decides to have their child.)

Then my teacher mentioned how sometimes babies get stolen from hospitals right after they are born, and how terrible it is.

Bingo. That was it. It was like the imaginary light bulb turned on in my head. There was my other part of the story.

It's funny where we get our book ideas. I always wonder how the authors of my favorite books came up with such a great idea.

So if any of you were ever curious about how I came up with such a sick, twisted fate for Dakota, that's how!

The people at school also influence me. They way they act, the things they say, and how they treat others is a huge inspiration for my characters.

Yes, those are the girls from The Clique movie. They would be a good example of evil school girls.
Maybe some of these authors or places influence your writing. Do a post about your inspirations! Tell in the post how you got your idea for your most current project! I'm curious!
Thanks for reading! I hope I inspired you to do a post like this!
I need to go work on the ending of Pass It On. That will hopefully be up soon.
My blog will soon be getting re-designed by Evie J soon, make sure you come and check it out!
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Anonymous said...

That's really interesting about your inspirations... I love when inspiration strikes so suddenly like that! Since I write historical fiction, I usually get inspired by a historical event, or a story from the past. Most recently, the stories of Sophie Scholl and Helmuth Hubener (more on that with my "Beautiful People" post, coming soon! ;).