Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pass it on, Alaw's part! The ending soon to come!

Hey everyone! This is the second to last part of our Pass It On story! Thank you to Alaw for participating at the last minute! Next, I will be ending the story. You guys have given me so much to work with, I never thought it would turn out this good! Thank you all so much for doing this!
The ending will be up probably on late Friday or Saturday. If you guys have any ideas for the title of this story, PLEASE leave a comment and tell me! I got nothing.
If you haven't read the full story, click here

Alaw's part-

As James drove, I kept repeating the same thing to myself: “Please don’t be dead. Please,please, don’t be dead!” My hands were shaking violently. I tried to calm myself. “Dad isn’t dead. He can’t be dead!” But it just wasn’t working. My tears had flooded my eyes now, threatening to brim over again. I couldn’t see, but I didn’t have the emotional strength to wipe them away.

James’ voice broke the silence. “It’ll be okay, Emma. It really will. You’ll see.”

That did it. All the pain that I had been feeling ever since James started dating Lani swelled up and overcame my sadness. I swiped at my eyes angrily and turned on James.

“Why are you even trying to comfort me? You know you don’t mean it!”
“I do,” he said, quietly.

I snorted. The snort came out shaky and didn’t sound as defiant as I had meant it to be. I knew I was overdoing it, but I went on. “Why don’t you just save your sweet words for your girlfriend? I’m sure she’d appreciate them, and then you’d actually mean what you’re saying!”

Now it was James’ turn to get angry. “I wasn’t the one who turned their back on me! What was I to do to numb the pain?”
His voice softened. “I love you, Emma.”

The car stopped in the parking lot. James reached over and kissed me.

Great job, Alaw! I was waiting for that to happen!

Thank you all again so much! Leave me ideas for a title and be sure to check back in a few days for the ending!
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alaw said...

Thanks Paige. :)

Hmmm...title...I'm so bad at figuring out titles. haha

Jedi~Chick said...

Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D That was great!!!!!!! :D (i actually envisioned a kiss scene while writing my part, but didn't want to make it SUPER long. xD) LOL!

Good luck Paige! I can't wait to see what happens! Maybe we'll do a sequel? xDD I don't know how we'll just WRAP IT ALL UP!!!!! xD LOL!

Marisa said...

I LOVE how this is ending up! So much fun... I feel like we could all just keep on going with it. It's turned out pretty awesome! :D

Faraway Hana said...

Great job! =D I love how this is ending (although I'm a little sad it's ending too, it's fun.)
Title. . .
Maybe something like Leading Into Surprises or something, 'cause she's a lead in the play and there are many little twists in this story and. . .yeah, I think you get it =D

Taylor Lynn said...

You know, this could be a novel. LOL

GREAT job, Alaw! I'm glad James and Emma are back together. :D