Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Shine in your own way

Being unique is very important to me. I mean, why would you want to be some plastic doll or robot that's no different from anyone else? I know I don't.

We all have those days where we wish we were "one of those girls." You know the ones with their own little clique, popularity, and many boyfriends. Trust me I've had those days.

But when I look at those certain girls, I don't see an individual, I see a copy. They follow around one person and do what they do. They're all mean to people and think they're better than everyone else. We ALL have those people in our school.

I like to be different. This blog makes me different. It's something I actually care about and keep updated.

My fashion makes me unique. I dress up everyday. Not like super fancy, but I never wear sweat pants or big t-shirts to school. I always have on a nice shirt with either skinny jeans or in the spring, a cute skirt, every day. Sometimes sundresses. Just depends on my mood.

I bet you're thinking, "why do you dress up every day?" Because I like people to notice me, I like getting the compliments that I get, I don't want to look like a lazy slob, I love fashion and trends, and it's what separates me from all the other girls.

My goal is to be voted most fashionable of our class when we're seniors! XD

Once this girl who is a real female dog once said to me, "Why do you have to look so cute every day?"

Well, it sure sounded like an insult, but it was a compliment at the same time. And then another time one of those really popular "plastic" girls asked me if I'd wear the outfit she had on. It kind of was a confidence booster that someone like her would ask someone like me my opinion.

I also love jewelery too.

Another thing that makes me different is my hobbies.

I love to read, and not a lot of people in my school do. I don't understand how you can't love books, do you not love living? And the fact that I write too. I've wrote books since third grade. We used to write a series together called "The adventures of Star and Stripe." They were two tigers who were in trouble because their habitat was being taken over by humans and all their friends were being killed or taken to zoos. :p

I've only finished one book, but I started four others. And I'm determind to finish Flawed.

I also love to skim board when I go to the beach in the summers. It's such a rush of power and exhilaration. Next time you go to a beach, try to skim board! You may need some help at first.

Archery is another fun thing I like to do. My cousin and I both do it together and it's fun.

Dance makes me unique too. It's my passion and I couldn't live without it. I may not be the best dancer at my academy but I love it anyway. The rush of performing on stage is my favorite. To look at me you'd never know I could hip hop like a beast XD
I like to act but I don't know if I'm good. I do know I don't suck though.

My values also make me unique. I will never smoke weed or get drunk. I will not have sex until marriage. Pretty much all the kids at my school do not have the same values as me. I actually care about my future and know where I'm going. They don't. They're just worried about where they'll get their next joint.

I am me,

No one else,

And you can't change that,

I'm not afraid to admit who I am,

Are you?

I sing when I'm alone,

I dance in the rain,

The world is my stage.

I care about the future,

I love to laugh at myself,

I day dream, a lot.

If you don't like me,

Then that's your problem.

But maybe you should,

Because I'm myself,

And no one else,

I am me.

What makes you unique? Do a post like this! I want to get to know you guys more!


Endor said...

AMEN! I agree with you 100%!

I, too, love to dress up. Why? I want to show the world that I care about what I look like. I don't want to be known as a slob.

Qui said...

Yay! i will do this post! :D

I'm jealous of your determination to always look cute. I wear sweat pants every day...well mainly because the only place I ever go is dance and church. xD If I went to school, I'd probably try harder.

Paige said...
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Paige said...

@ Endor- I agree with you! I'm glad I'm not the only one haha

@ Qui- yeah I wear sweat pants on the weekends and when I don't go out of the house, but to school and other places I dress up. If I was homeschooled I'd wear sweats too

Can't wait to see your post! :D

Anonymous said...

I like to dress up but I don't own too many skirts ect. plus I'm half dead in the morning XD
I sometimes wish I was one of 'those girls' but when I see them crying or fighting withn each other I don't.

Devin said...

Unique is good:) I like dressing up too! This is going to sound incredibly foolish, but I have never worn the exact same outfit to school twice. It's not to impress anyone else, it's just a thing I do for me. It makes me feel new and excited everyday. I guess blogging is one thing I do that none of my friends do, so that's unique. Great post!
P.S.-Write more of Flawed! I like it.

Converse said...

I think what makes me unique is the way I dress. I'm not the type of girl who wears dresses, skirts, shorts, or nice blouses. It's all T-shirts (not to baggy), skinny jeans, and Converse. I guess my lack of self confidence is unique too. I mean, all my friends are skinny while I am an elephant, and it brings me down every single time. But the main thing that separates me into my own category is singing. I'm a good singer, I would have to say, even though I turn down every compliment given to me. I just love it when I home alone and I can sing to the top of my lungs without anyone hearing me. My mom thinks that I'm going to be famous and stuff when I get older or something because she won't let me quit vocal lessons (grr).

There are times when I wish I was one of "those girls", but then I think, "Those girls are rude and cruel, and Just because they are Skinnier, Prettier, or more popular doesn't mean I should trade my life to be one of them. I mean, I have good friends, the bestest friends a person could ever have." Plus, If I were one of them I would probably wouldn't be blogging because half of those girls are brain dead :P

I really liked this post, like A LOT. I can almost relate to everything!

Were all unique, and we show our uniqueness in unique ways :)

Paige said...

@Converse, Exactly! It makes me mad they think they're better than everyone else. I hope you become famous one day :) I bet you aren't elephant size! Thanks for the comment!