Monday, May 16, 2011

Random Rambling and in need of help!

So recently, Bailey @ got me interested in Archery. She found the inspiration of Archery after reading The Hunger Games series. So we both got practice bows and we've been shooting them lately. It's pretty fun actually. It'll be something to do over the summer.

I have off school tomorrow, so I get to sleep like an extra five or six hours. YIPPE! I'll be doing homework that I procrastinated on mostly, but hopefully I'll have some time to read and write.

I'm currently reading Going Bovine by Libba Bray.

WOW, what an awesome and unique book! It is so hilarious too! I'm like laughing out loud as I read it! Some parts are confusing but it's still wonderful.

TWICE today someone picked up my copy of Going Bovine, got a confused expression on their face and said, "what the heck is this?"

And my response was always, "You have to read it to understand!" I actually understand the meaning of the totally random cover now. It all makes sense.

I bought The Book Thief at Target the other day and I'm excited to read that next!

I hope I have time to write tomorrow. Flawed has a sucky ranking and is stuck with PAS (Pink Arrow Syndrome.) I'm hoping this isn't another failed project that everyone is going to hate, because I really like it.

My user rank on Inkpop is also pretty terrible. I used to be in the TOP 100 USERS! Now I'm in the thousands!

Once it's summer I'll be able to log on Inkpop more and improve all my ranks.

Only 15 more days of school left! That's actually not a good thing because I think I'm failing a few classes. Math defiantly. I'm too scared to check my grades online so I'm just going to assume I'm failing and try to improve.

So I guess homework is more important than writing a story for my enjoyment.

Maybe you guys can help me..

I have to do this project where I get items to represent a character in To Kill a Mockingbird. (If you didn't read that book, you can just stop reading this post now.)

I'm doing Jem Finch. If you read the book, can you think of any items that would represent him and the reason for it?

Some of those items can be ones that he "reveals to the reader" but other items should be "read in between the lines and that he doesn't share with others."



futurejedigirl0202 said...

About Jem what about one of the items they get in the knothole?
I am going to make an account on iknpop once my story gets to 10,000 words. I will chack your story out ;p

Converse said...

OH MY GOSH IT"S KATNISS :).....MY friend does archery but she doesnt know where she goes for it..... Funny because we live in a small town

Paige said...

Haha yes it's Katniss :) and wow! I just bought a bow and I do it in my backyard lol

Converse said...

If only I had a back yard....Hmmmmmm????