Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Beautiful People- May/June

I have been impatiently waiting for this for a while, so I'm so excited to answer these questions about my character from my book Flawed, Dakota!

Here is a visual of Dakota-

She pretty much looks like that, maybe a little younger and not as modelish.

Onto the questions!

1. What type of laugh does he/she have?

Dakota has a soft, light, and innocent laugh. A laugh that rings like bells in your ears. Her laugh makes you want to make her laugh again. Her laugh, smile, and eyes are her best qualities.

2. Who is his/her best friend?

In the beginning of the story, her best friends are Charlotte Vendetta, Madeline Kenna, and Leanne Breyer. That all changes eventually though.

3. What is his/her family like?
Charlotte lives with her mother, her parents are divorced for a reason unknown to her. (The reason is revealed eventually though.) Her mother seems nice and innocent on the outside, but is really hiding a huge dark secret that will change everything.

4. Is he/she a Christian, or will he/she eventually find Jesus?
Dakota does believe in God and she loves Jesus, but she never gets time to go to church. She prays every night and is thankful for the life God gave her, even if it is crazy and complicated.

5. Does he/she believe in fairies?

No. She did when she was a little girl. But now that she is older she knows all of that isn't real and it's too good to be true.

6. Does he/she like hedgehogs?

She doesn't mind them but isn't too comfortable around wild animals.

7. Favorite kind of weather?

Warm and sunny. But she also would like to see some snow now and then, it fascinates her. Considering she lives in California and they don't get a lot of snow there.

8. Does he/she have a good sense of humor? If so what kind? (Slapstick, wit, sarcasm, etc.?)

Sort of. She uses a lot of sarcasm humor when she tries to be funny.

9. How did he/she do in school, or any kind of education they might have had.

She makes good grades, but sometimes slips behind because of dance.

10. Any strange hobbies?

Nope. Dakota tries to be perfect and to her having strange hobbies is a sign of imperfection. She'll learn otherwise eventually though.


Jedi~Chick said...

Dakota sounds very interesting!!!! :) I love it! I really want to read Flawed now! I started it on Goodreads, but then my computer crashed and I couldn't get back in. :'( I'll look on your page for it now though! :D

Paige said...

Thanks! The better cleaned version is on my inkpop page. Thanks for trying to read it!

Devin said...

Cool! That picture is basically how I imagined her, just younger like you said. I love the story! You're a very talented writer.

Zebra Corriina said...

do you have this published???? you should! omigosh, it's like awesome! sorry i sound a little giddy girlish, but i don't care! My older sister was reading over my shoulder just now, she says hi and that your a really talented writer! and her books are amazing, too!

Paige said...

@Devin, Thanks so much! :) I'll be writing the next chapter soon! School is almost over so then in the summer I'll have like a new chapter out every week!

@Zebra- Well it's on and but it's not like a published book :( I wish though. and aw thanks so much! That means a lot :D

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I love the visual, maybe I should go add one to my Beautiful People post... :) Thanks for introducing us to Dakota! (Which, by the way, I LOVE her name. :)