Thursday, May 12, 2011

Quest for a school dance team!

So, as you all know, I dance. At my school, there are SO MANY SPORTS. There's even BOYS volleyball, BOYS tennis, lacrosse, and golf, like come on, what school has all those?!

Well mine does, but you know the ONE SPORT we don't have, a dance team! There are tons of students who would be interested in it too.

So one day when my friend told me she was trying out for her dance team at her school, I'm thinking, we should have one if they do! We have everything! So I got a friend at my school who agreed to help me, and we went to the Principal's secretary and tried to make an appointment.

Well, we waited a whole week and they never called us down, so I went and asked again, and the Secretary said "Okay, he'll call you down tomorrow!"

Guess what didn't happen the next day!

So after waiting ANOTHER week and a half, we decided it was ridiculous and he really couldn't be THAT BUSY. So we decided the only way to get this man's attention was to write a very powerful letter talking about a dance team. And it worked! He called us down two days after we turned it in, and we got approval to go forward with our plans!

So now we need to get signatures of students who are interested and a coach. Currently we have 18 out of 25 signatures. So hopefully we'll have enough soon. And then yesterday I asked a teacher whom I really like, if he would email the whole staff about my need for a coach, so he did. And two teachers replied and want to be coaches!

Turns out they are both dancers now or in college, who would ever know? I was shocked. I didn't think we'd find a coach that was also a teacher, let alone TWO teachers!

So this was a good day, considering we got out two coaches and we made it up to 18 signatures. I really hope this dance team can happen, so I thought I'd post about it! We'd preform at home football and basketball games. I'm so excited. I hope this all works out.

One last outburst for you all..


Where has my sanity gone?????!!!!!!!!!!!