Friday, May 13, 2011


I AM SO ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blogger deleted my most recent post that took FOREVER to type and now its just GONE!!!!!!! AHHHRRGGGHGG!!! THANKS SOO MUCH BLOGGER!!! *finishes tantrum*

So now that my little angry outburst is over, I'll tell you all what that post was about.

I'm trying to start a dance team at my school! Our school has a ton of sports that really aren't necessary or even popular, so why the heck don't we have a dance team of all things?!

So my friend and I decided to try and start one, so about 4 weeks ago we went down to the Principal's office and talked to the Secretary and told her we needed an appointment with the principal. About a week later after we weren't called down, I went down to the office AGAIN and reminded her about the appointment.

She said "Okay, he'll call you down tomorrow!"

Guess what didn't happen the next day!

So after another week and a half of not being called down, we decided it was ridiculous and he couldn't possibly be THAT BUSY, so we wrote a strongly worded letter about a dance team, and two days later he called us down and gave us approval to go forward with our plans!

So as of now we have 22 out of 25 needed students who are interested signatures, and we found 3 teachers who want to be coaches! I'm so happy and excited! I hope this actually works out.

I'm sure you guys are all angry at blogger too. Why was it even down?


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain!! And good luck!
Blogger was mean to me too.

Converse said...

Dude, Blogger was down for like a whole day and I was like, "what the heck", and when it finally worked, guess what disappeared.... MY DANCE BUTTON THAT TOOK ME LIKE 2 HOURS TO MAKE THE CODE FOR! It like this one time when I was ordering a blog design from Qui and it took me a while to get everything down and when I presses comment and entered the little weird code, my INTERNET FAILED..... I think the internet it main cause of my patience decreasing