Friday, May 27, 2011

Be a featured blogger!

HOLY CHEESECAKE! I don't know why I said cheesecake, but I did, so deal with it.


Just yesterday at around 3:00, I still had 46 followers, then around 5:30 I somehow made it to 48. Then around 8:30 I got 49, then around 9:30 I got 50! I was so shocked! Thank you to my new followers who helped me reach 50, Taylor Lynn, Lori & Audrey, Sam, and Destiny!

So now, to thank all of you I am going to borrow an idea from Qui and Amaranthine...

To thank the 50 of you for being such awesome followers, I am going to feature one of you!

I will not be choosing who to feature though, YOU will!

Leave comments and nominate a blogger to be featured! Leave their name and the link of their blog, and why they should be featured!


1.They must be following me.

2. You may not nominate yourself.

Whoever gets the most nominations wins! I will put their button (If they have one) on my blog for a week, maybe 2, haven't decided yet, and I will do a post about them!

So LEAVE COMMENTS! It's up to you!

One day I might try and have a blog party, maybe in August. Hm..


Momma Too Many said...

I nominate Jocee!!

Qui said...

I nominate......Nova!

Amy♥Forder said...

I nominate Hollie from easytargethollie :) x

Anonymous said...

"I nominate the Grinch!"

I mean... oops. Sorry, couldn't resist sneaking in a random movie quote!

In reality, I nominate FutureJediGirl. Who I doubt is very Grinchy at all, despite my previous exclamation. xD