Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm officially a Gleek.

Recently I got into watching Glee. I watched the last few episodes of this current season and just watched the season finale where they go to New York for nationals.


All the characters are so hilarious, especially the coach! I love Rachel. She is an amazing singer. Her and Finn need to be together! And Kert, AH! He's so cute!He's my favorite guy in the show. He's a great singer too!

And guess what they sang in the finale.. For Good from the best musical ever, Wicked!

It's amazing! That song is SO HARD to sing! I did it for a singing test, gah! There are so many rapid pitch changes! It's like that in all the Wicked songs. Never use those for auditions.

Listen to this one too, it's from the finale. It's so good and catchy! I definitely love NYC too!

I'm sad the season is over, especially because I just started watching it! Grr. Does anyone know when it comes back? Do you watch Glee? Leave comments!


futurejedigirl0202 said...

I wayched the 1st season on DVD but I have no idea how many other seasons there are now XD

Taylor Lynn said...

I agree with JediGirl, I don't know how many seasons there are, but if you have Netflix, the first season is available instantly to your TV. :) My sisters and I would like to watch it at some point, I've heard it's good!

Dutchess Satine Kenobi said...

Glee is awesome!!!! Oh my gosh they sang "For Good"!!!!!!! I'm going to have to see that episode. I haven't seen all of them, just a few, but it's really funny and I love the music.