Thursday, April 28, 2011

Is it just me, or do A LOT of dancers blog?

It seems like every blog I go to, the person is a dancer! It's crazy!

Like did any one else notice that occurrence? That A TON of us on here are dancers?

For example out of the people that follow me and that I follow, Marisa, Qui, Amaranthine, Elanor Lawerence, Converse Nerd (I think) and Bailey all dance. There's probably more that I don't even know about! Another girl I follow named Jedi Chick dances too, but she doesn't know about me.

If you're a dancer too and I don't know it, leave a comment!

I just think it's a weird coincidence. Is there something about dancers that makes us want to blog?
I love talking to other dancers about dance. It's just nice to hear outside opinions on things and their favorite types of dance.

Speaking of that, what is your favorite type of dance? Mine is hip hop. That's one type of dance I won't deny I'm pretty good at. Hence why I like it so much. You get to add your own style to it and really challenge yourself. You have to hit everything on the mark and have facial expressions or it looks like crap. I'm in a hip hop duet and a hip hop large group. The hip hop duet is my favorite duet I ever had.

I love Jazz/ Musical Theatre dancing too. Lyrical/ Contemporary is beautiful. Tap is fun. Gymnastics.. I like it but I'm terrible at it. Ballet is just the one I don't like very much. I mean I don't HATE IT. It's just boring.

We did pretty good at competitions. I'm sad it's over. Are any of you on a competition team?

Our recital is in June. I'll have 8 dances. Well 11 if you count the ones I teach and have to memorize to show on the side of the stage so the little dancers don't forget.

And how about those guys that say dance isn't a sport? What do you other dancers think? Here's my opinion-




Evie J said...

haha! I've noticed too! I danced for eight years, but quit. It was a great time, though. I was at dance everyday for 3-8 hours. It was craziness. We used to get these shirts that said "If dance were any easier, it'd be football." haha! :)

Amy♥Forder said...

I noticed that as well! I am a bit of a dancer, I did Irish Dancing for 3 years and have been doing Theatre dancing since I was 4 :) More of an actress though xx

Paige said...

@Evie, Wow! 3-8 hours is crazy! You must have been really good! and haha I love that quote!

@Amy- That's awesome, Irish dancing is so cool, and I love Theatre! Another dancer to add to the list haha

Marisa said...

Yeah, isn't it funny? Is dancing and writing connected somehow? Because it seems like so many of my writing friends online are dancers as well.

I love all styles of dance, but there has always been a special place in my heart for tap. I love the tough footwork, and the songs are always so much fun! My tap dance for my comp class is to "I Saw Her Standing There" by The Beatles. And yesterday, after we got back from break, NO ONE REMEMBERED THE DANCE except for me. Literally over half of what we learned before break I did as a solo. Then I had to teach the rest of the class what to do. LOL. My other tap song for my general class is to "Stuff Like That There" by Bette Midler and it's such a fast, fun song. Ah, I love it!

I had my first competition April 3rd, and my jazz team got Gold and High Point in our level, and my hip hop team also got gold :D I have another competition May 15th :D How did you do at yours?

Endor said...

I am with dancers pretty much 24/7. My life has been infused with dance.

I'm more of an actress, but I do dance. I take ballroom. I've been doing it for four months and I LOVE it!

Qui said...

Haha, yea!!
I was almost at that level where I would soon be on pointe and ready to go to advanced classes, but I had to quit because they wanted me at the studio 3 days a week for 4 hours each day. (That was for jazz, pointe, and tap.) We couldn't do that so I had to quit. I didn't start dancing again till the beginning of 9th grade and yea...
I really really really love it, but it makes me sad that I missed out on the chance to be a really awesome pointe dancer. =.=;

My favorite kind of dance is probably Lyrical/Contemporary. It used to be ballet, but I'm angry at ballet at the moment (see reason above.)

Paige said...

@ Marisa- right? It seems like it has some kind of secret connection! And I agree, Tap is fun. I find it so cool that we can do those things with our feet and make those sounds. Its impressive. and aw I love those songs! My tap song is "This joint is jumpin" I don't know who its by haha. and wow, well yay you for remembering haha! And nice job! High point awards always excite me. I strive for them.

@Endor-I wish I was good at ballroom dancing. I can sort of do it but not really. My body just isn't used to dancing like that haha. But thats so cool!

@Qui-Aw :( That would have been fun. I don't take pointe but I've always wanted to. It seems so hard and painful though! I love Lyrical/ Contemporary. Its just so pretty to watch and sometimes so sad and moving!

Paige said...

and also to Maria, we did really good! We won top studio award at one competition, and a best citizenship award at another. My dances did good for the most part. We got a lot of high points and special awards so it was good :)
Good luck at your next competition!

Bailey said...

Hahaha! I loved the last part, it's totally true!

Paige said...

ah I said Maria, I forgot the s! Sorry Marisa haha, and yes Bailey I agree

Jedi~Chick said...

Hi Paige!!! :) I know you from Goodreads. ;) I'm so excited you followed! I followed you too!

I am a dancer!!! I do Tap and Lyrical this year, but I've also done Ballet and Jazz. I teach dance. I have to memorize (thinks) 8 dances this year. My two dances, the two I teach, and four for finale. xDD It's a lot of steps!! I can do a triple piroutte. :P I think Dance TOTALLY counts as a sport. I get so annoyed when boys turn around with their arms in a circle on their head saying that they can dance. Can they do triple time perididles while turning??? A triple piroutte? A barrel leap? I don't think so. xDD

You're blog is really cool!!!! Love ya!

Converse said...

HI Paige! I know this is really Irrelevant to the the conversation but I just wanted to say congrats on getting 40 blog followers

Back on Subject

Munch is a ballet dancer! I did hip hop when I was around 8 years old, but I decided I liked singing better. Munch is an awesome dancer! You can tell it is her passion because half the day she is on her tippy toes.

EasyTargetHollie said...
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EasyTargetHollie said...

Hi Paige!! Haha yeah i only realised after reading this that alot of Bloggers are dancers! Pretty Awesome! I dance too...Mostly Hip Hop but some theatre here and there :) Lovely to know there are other dancers on Blogspot! :)

Amaranthine said...

I do hip hop and ballet. I stopped taking Jazz but will start soon. I like hip hop and ballet both for different reasons. and dance is totally a sport! XD