Friday, March 18, 2011

"He showed me his smile and went straight for my heart."

I feel terrible, I have not blogged in like 2 weeks, I apologize.

I've been so busy with school and dance and life, I just haven't had time!

I've been trying to finish the book Matched by Ally Condie for like three weeks now, and I finally did. It was the worst book I have read in a long time. It's just plain boring. Characters are boring, setting is boring, plot is boring, JUST BORING. Oh well. I don't recommend it to anyone. I had to force myself through it just because I wanted another book to go to my goal of 40 books this year. (hopefully more.) So now I'm at 8/40. Woo hoo.

Now I am currently reading Delirium by Lauren Oliver. It is really good so far, which is where the quote that I used for the title came from.
"He showed me his smile and went straight for my heart."
I can unfortunately relate to that quote. Gah.

Next up on my reading list is Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. I read the first few chapters of it on my kindle and it seems really good and exciting.
You know what is a HUGE pet peeve of mine? When people crack their bones constantly. It makes me cringe and want to cover my ears. I can't stand it! I used to sit in front of this kid who always cracked his neck and back and knuckles and toes and its like AHHH STOP STOP STOP!! The only thing I can crack is my toes, and I don't even like doing that!

I have a new favorite music group. A Fine Frenzy. When Devin at posted some posts about A Fine Frenzy, I figured I'd look them up. And I LOVE THEM. My two favorite songs from them are Almost Lover and Electric Twist. If you don't know who A Fine Frenzy is, look them up, right now. So thank you Devin for introducing me to them. :)

I'm going to start watching Glee. Everyone says it's such a good show and talks about it at school and dance. They always ask me, "Do you watch Glee?" and I always have to reply NO. So I want to see what the big deal is.

I am so excited for next Wednesday because I. get. to. be. a. model! My cousin who works for the town's news station is doing a hottest prom 2011 trends photo and video shoot for the news website, so she asked me and a few other of my teenage cousins to be models! We get to get our hair and makeup done and wear dresses of the mall's choosing where we are doing the shoot at. I might post a picture or two on here, I don't know yet. Too bad I'm not old enough to go to prom, oh well.
So yeah, that's it for this blog post. I am going to start doing this at the end of each "personal" post...
Current Obsessions- Delirium, Taylor Swift, A Fine Frenzy,Words With Friends,, and hopefully Glee; I don't know yet.


Evie J said...

GLEE!!!!!!! I love Glee! You should watch from the beginning, though. If you jump in, it might be confusing...but...GLEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is all. :D

Amaranthine said...

I love A Fine Frenzy!! I posted a bit on her before-my favorite song is A World Without.

Paige said...

@ Evie, yeah I'm going to start at season 1. I have to try and find it online, I'm pretty sure it's on

@Amaranthine, Yeah they are awesome! I never heard that song, I'll have to look it up

Marisa said...

Delirium is amazing. As is Before I Fall. Lauren Oliver just plain old rocks.
Hmph, I still really liked Matched. -shrugs-
GLEE<3 Definitely watch it! :D