Thursday, March 10, 2011

An absolutley MUST HAVE app!

If you have an Ipod Touch or Iphone or Andriod phone, you. need. this. app.

It's called Words with friends. It's exactly like Scarbble, but online! I know that seems kind of boring, but once you get into a bunch of games with all your friends and sometimes random people, it becomes REALLY ADDICTING. I think I'm in about 10 games right now. These games can go on for days, until all the letter spaces are filled.
You just make words, like scrabble. It keeps score for you and gives you letters. It's fun to challenge yourself and see what you come up with. Plus, it's an educational and fun game, so parents will not mind if you are on it a lot!

Just search Words with friends in the app store, it's free! There's an ad-free version that costs money but I don't mind the ads.

Well, if you get this app and want to play me, my user name is Paigeee828. Invite me to a game or leave your user name in the comments and I'll invite you!


Evie J said...

I'm Evie J on there! I totally make up words all the time and they'll take them sometimes, but then won't take Korea! -_-
But...I love this game!!! haha!

Marisa said...

I love this game too! I'm mleedancerr12 on there :D