Sunday, February 13, 2011

She sings and makes nail polish too!

We all know the talented singer Katy Perry, but did you know she has a new nail polish line? if you didn't, you do now! Katy Perry worked with OPI Nail Polish brand to launch her own line of super cute and stylish polishes.

They are-

-Teenage Dream (girly sparkly pink shade)
-Not Like the Movies (an interesting silver metallic shade)
-Last Friday Night ( a bold metallic blue shade)
-The One That Got Away ( an intense dark berry shade)
-Black Shatter (an beautiful black top coat that creates texture with the help of a cracked/leopard pattern when applied over another nail polish)

I own the Teenage Dream polish, and I've used the Black Shatter. The Teenage Dream is so sparkly and pretty, I'm going to use it up quick! The Black Shatter is so cool, when you put it on your nails, it literally shatters/ cracks! You use it over another nail polish color, and it looks so awesome! You just paint it on like any other polish, and it shatters right on your nails!

See, how awesome is that? I currently have Shatter on my nails painted over Teenage Dream.

Get this nail polish, it's going to be the "must have" nail polish soon, and guess what? You'll already have it!


Qui said...

I want this sooooooooooo bad!
I think I'm gonna buy Last Friday Night, Teenage Dream (my favorite song by her) and then the shatter. I'm so glad the shatter actually works, I was so excited to try it!