Sunday, February 13, 2011

I am a Material Girl

We all know Madonna's famous song, "Material Girl." And back in 2010, Madonna created a line of clothing titled Material Girl and debuted it at Macy's stores. I own a bunch of this clothing and I wanted to share this great brand of clothes with you. If you are a teenage girl who loves fashion like I do, then I am almost positive you will love this brand!
The collection is a mishmash of Madonna's greatest fashion hits from the early years with a smattering of current trends added in.

It is a lot of 80's style retro clothing. For example, there is a lot of shoulder pads, lace,plaid, leggings and tights, short and baggy shirts ,zippers, leather, layers, metallic etc.

Other than clothing, the brand also has jewlery, shoes, and bags.

Those are just some examples of clothing. It is sold at any Macy's store in the girl's Junior dept. Prices range from about $12-$40. Definatley take a look at some of this clothing if you haven't already, you'll love it!