Friday, February 25, 2011

"The black behind me doesn't worry me, neither do the stars ahead."

I am currently on The Clique #7. I got the free sample on my Kindle (the first chapter) and started reading it, then when I went to buy the book, I didn't have enough money on my account! So now I have to wait until I get payed so I can buy it.

I felt empty inside, not reading anything. So then I was walking by our school library window and saw this book... Matched by Ally Condie
I was thinking "That cover looks so cool, I'm going to read the description and possibly check it out tomorrow." Then when I got to the library the next day, to my luck IT WAS CHECKED OUT! So then they put it on hold for me and now 2 days later, I have it! The title of this post is a quote from the book. The person who had it before me must have finished it fast.. or hated it and just stopped reading it.... EITHER WAY, I have it now :)

I read 2 reviews of this book from the people I follow, and they both loved it, so I'm hoping I will too.

On another note, this has been such a stressful week! So much homework and tests, I HATE IT. But I have a dance competition tomorrow, so I'm really looking forward to that. :D

I wish I could post more during the week, but I'm always so busy. In the summer I'll be able to post like everyday.

I love now! I added a bunch of widgets from the site on my sidebar! You should really get a Goodreads if you love reading.

Today in class, I was reading Matched and some kid was like "You read?" and I said "Yes, why don't you?" and he said "I hate books," and I answered, "BOOKS HATE YOU!!" :)


Melanie♥♥♥ said...

That books sounds great! And haha! Good for you : *about the guy who asked you if you read*
LOVE the clique! Oh and The Alpha's is a spinoff of the clique showing Skye Hamilton at the all exclusive Alpha Academy! You should read it! Its really good, it has four books I think? And Monster High is amazing as well.

Paige said...

I'll definatley read alphas! I added it to my to- read list, haha.

Marisa said...

I love Matched! :D

Oh, I get comments like that all the time about reading.
"I don't understand how reading is fun. It's just... looking at words... on a page." -slams fist against forehead-

Marisa said...

Oh, thanks for the comment :D
Speaking of Dancing Through Life... I began a major rewrite from an entirely new angle. I have the first chapter written and am looking to see what former readers' reactions are. So, if you're interested in checking it out, email me at

Thanks :)

JuliaRobinson said...

I wanted to finish reading "Before I fall" but the libray only gives you a week to read it so I couldn't read it in time =[ I will some time though, I reading "To Die For" its about vampires and is really good! This is kinda random but yea. I love your blog check mine out please =]