Friday, January 28, 2011

Here we go Steelers!

I bet you've all heard already but the Steelers and the Packers will be playing at Super Bowl 45! I'm a big Steelers fan and I hope you all are too because THEY SHALL WIN!!!

If they win, it will be their 7th super bowl win, more than any other football team! WOOOOOOOOO!

Hope you all are Steelers fans like me, I mean, why not be? The Steelers are awesome! And Pittsburgh was the one who came up with The Terrible Towel! All the other teams just copied with their stupid wash rags! And then some Jets fans STOMPED ON THE TOWEL and then the Jets LOST!!! I mean the towel was created to help children in need, and they were stomping on it! How rude!

If you're a Packers fan then.. okay, just ignore this post :)

I love to see the commercials during the super bowl, they are always the best and most exciting ones! Especially the Budwiser commercials with the horses! They are so cool!


And on another note.. I HAVE 25 FOLLOWERS!! AHHHH!!! Thanks so much guys! I never thought I'd get 25 followers! You all are awesome!