Friday, January 21, 2011

Faithfully Feminine's Giveaway!

Faithfully Feminine is having an AMAZING giveaway and I really wanted to enter it! So I am posting this for the giveaway! You can get your blog designed by a professional blog designer!

1: Why do you blog?
I blog because it is fun! It's exciting to read other people's blogs. I get to be creative with designing my blog. I've learned a whole lot about writing and other books from reading other people's posts too. And other people get to see my blog too, which excites me.

2: What is your favorite meal?

3: Name one thing you like about my blog.
The header

4: Name one thing you dislike about my blog.
Um.. I really like your blog.. but I guess if I HAVE to choose it would be how you can't really see much of the background, because it's so pretty!

5: What is your favorite book?
Well I have a ton of favorites, but as of right now, The Lying Game by Sara Shepard.

6: What is your favorite song?
I have a ton of favorites for this also.. but a song I've always liked and still really like today is Poker Face by Lady Gaga.

7: MP3 or iPod?
Ipod. They are so cool. I couldn't live without my Ipod touch!

8: TV or Movie?
Tv, because there's always new episodes and you don't have to pay money to go to a theatre and watch it.

9: Ice cream or Cookies?
Cookies all the way.

10: Action or Romance?


Anonymous said...

Yes!!! Cookies all the way!
Have a great weekend.