Saturday, January 22, 2011

An amazing blog that you gotta see!

Recently I found out about this blog called The Treehouse Gang.

"Four Americans and an Aussie of all different ages and experience are coming to tell you about anything and everything YA! And best of all, The Treehouse Gang is an interactive blog. We want YOU to get involved!"

Each month the blog has a new genre of writing that is their main theme. This month is Paranormal!
They give you tips and tricks about writing and you can even submit your work to be reviewed by one of the Gang Members! Isn't that cool?
You need to go check out this blog right now! You won't regret it!

And also, do you guys like my new layout? I have a new background, header, signature, and even font! So let me know what you think! :)


Savannah said...

Love the test and background and everything! Very cute!!
And the Treehouse gang only has two posts, and they're already my favorite blog ever.

Paige said...

@ Savannah, Thanks! And I know same!

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys so much!
We're so glad you like the treehouse gang!

Kate Anders said...

Yay the Treehouse Gang!!! Thanks for following my blog Paige. Yours is so nice. I'm definitely going to check this out more in depth when I get a chance!

Evie J said...

WHOOOOOOOOTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much, you guys!!!!
And the blog looks great! :) Love the font!

Paige said...

No, thank you guys Evie and Lala for creating the Treehouse Gang :) But thanks Evie i'm glad you like the font :)