Saturday, January 22, 2011

Looking back really suprises me.

Now a days when I look back at my first ever finished book called "The Angel that Turned Dark," I think wow, I kinda sucked. The best rank it ever got on inkpop was around 950.

I mean it didn't suck, but I've made so much progress in writing ever since I found Inkpop, and even Blogspot.

The next book I started writing is called "The Bucket List." I basically kinda terminated this novel. It is still on inkpop and can be read any time you want, but I'm not going to write more of it. I just feel like I hit a dead end, I wasn't sure what to make happen anymore. But even though I only finished 18 chapters of that book, people seemed to enjoy it, a lot more than my first book anyways. The best rank it got on Inkpop was 385.

950 to 385 is a big improvement if you ask me.

I mean I bet you're thinking, "Wow she's dumb, 385 isn't even that great!" Well it is too me. When I logged on inkpop and saw the rank getting better and better each day, it really made me happy.

With my new book, "Flawed," my goal is for the rank to get better than 385. I'm hoping that will happen and I think I won't hit any dead ends with this book either, I've planned it out a lot better.

Since I want all of you to check out Flawed once it's available, here are some comments that people left on "The Bucket List." Maybe these will let you know I don't suck :)

-"I really like this story - I've never read anything like it before. I've read up to chapter 5, and am going to add this to my watch list, and find a place for it on my Picks as soon as I can. I love Chloe - everything about her is so completely realistic, and I can easily see her in my mind. "

-"I'm only on chapter 5 so far but I really like it. And *gasp* when if you hadn't mentioned it I would've thought that you were highly familiar with the medical diagnosis you gave in the begining (it sounded really sophisticated *thumbs up*). I like how you start off the chapter with quotes (really creative and keeps my interest going). I'm not really that good with grammar and punctuation myself but if I see any mistakes later on I'll be sure to mention it! =^_^=-Emi"

-"OMG this is so sad! I feel so horrible for this poor girl! I couldn't even imagine. You did a great job showing the emotions, because I teared up several times. Awesome work! :)"

-I think this is so inspiring!Firstly, you come out with a punch. Right of the bat we are introuced to the charactor in such a heart break situation. You can see how fragile she is. I felt for Chloe. I won't deny that my eyes stung quite a bit after reading this. I think that the whole scene sets up your novel.I also love how Chloe progresses and devolops. The way her mindset changes, the way she finds some kind of hope - that is pure, down right charactor devolopment. I love the idea behind this. I love your charactors. Basically, I really just really love this! Once I have a spot in my picks, I shall definitely be sliding this one in there!Oh and one last thing, I do love that quote you used. It is truly beautiful. Great choice! :)I wish you the best of luck with this! I really do! Thank you for such a wonderful, emotional read :)" - That quote is from a girl named Krystal Elizabeth who currently has a book that is #1 on the Inkpop charts!! :0

-"I loved this sooo much! Chloe is such a a strong character and I really sympathize wit her. going blind is really one of my biggest fears. i wouldn't be able to survive it. I loved the connections you build and the imagery. it is a powerful work and i sincerely hope you write more! notify me when you update. this has been picked."

-"Oh!! I like this!! I didn't really know what to expect but I really think you've got a good plot going on. I also think you've got some goodd strong characters, and that's what really makes a good book. Again....I think this is really good...I really don't know what else to say lol. I'll be adding this to my picks once I have room again:D"

-"You know what the funny thing is..I have a friend who's just like Jackie and guess what, HER NAME IS ACTUALLY JACKIE. I can't wait to read more and see how this is going to end. Please update soon! =^_^=" - Haha I thought that was funny and cool that my readers can really relate to my stories.

There are more I could have added but I hope this convinced you to give Flawed a chance when it comes out!

These comments warm my heart every time I read them :)


Jen in the Purple Pants said...

I'm so excited to read it!!!! It sounds awesome!!! I want to read the Bucket List too!!
I know how you feel though about reading your old stuff. A couple months ago I reread the first story I ever finished and marked it up with a bunch of corrections!!
Love this blog!! Following now!!

Paige said...

@ Thanks so much! The first chapter and prologue is posted :) and wow haha at least im not alone!
Thanks! I love getting new followers! I'm going to check out your blog too :)

Paige said...

@ Jen- I can't find your blog! You don't have it as a link under your profile :(