Sunday, November 4, 2012

Terminally Happy

Hello lovelies.
How are we all today?
It's November... what the heck?
Time is doing that thing where it's flying by again.
The future is going to come a lot faster than I think it will.

If you follow me on my regular Twitter, are friends with me on Facebook, or follow my Instagram, you probably already know about this because it was literally all I talked about for 48 hours when it happened.

But for those who do not know, I am going to tell you.
Back in early September, I applied to my dream college, a branch of Penn State University.
I know what you're thinking-

You guys should hear the voice I had in my head as I typed that.
But, no.
It's a branch campus, not the main one. And that whole scandal does not define the entire school system.
Just wanted to make that clear.

But anyways, I applied early September. I started that application like a year ago. I'm not even kidding. I couldn't complete it for my grade level until after September 1st, 2012 though.
Then after waiting, I finally did.
And I waited some more. About a month actually.
And on October 18th, I found this on the website-

I started crying. 
Tears of happiness. I don't know if that ever happened to me before. It was the best feeling in the entire world, and it still is. To know that next year I am going to my dream school is just amazing. I've been to the campus twice and it is BEAUTIFUL. I just got that feeling where you go on campus and you're like, "This is where I belong."

I just simply radiated happiness the next day. I wore my Penn State gear and was just overly happy. Everyone congratulated me and it just felt wonderful. I'm pretty sure I annoyed everyone with my happiness, but oh well.

As of right now, I am majoring in English. I'm so excited. 

So glad that now I am a Nittany Lion, and can proudly chant, "We are.. Penn State!" 

That's one amazing thing that happened to me this month. I'm still so happy about it. It helps me want to get through senior year more. 

The second amazing thing that happened to me this month was very unexpected. 
My high school has a Fall Play each year, which is just all acting and no singing or dancing. 
I got into acting my sophomore year of high school when I took my first Musical Theater class. 
This is my third year taking the class, and I take acting a lot more seriously now and I love it dearly. 

I decided to try out for the play on a whim. I figured, "Hey, it's my senior year, might as well!" 
I was in the musical, "Carousel" with the school last year. So the director actually knows my name and face. I still didn't think that would help me at all though.
Because, he has his favorites, and I wasn't one of them.

So I tried out, not really thinking anything would come out of it. I honestly just wanted a callback. Because a callback meant I actually had a little bit of talent and was such an honor.

I cared more about the callback than getting an actual part, you know what I mean?
And then, I found out I did actually make the callback list.
This was another time where I cried tears of happiness. Less than for Penn State, but I was still teary eyed.

I was so honored to have gotten a callback, but the next worry on my mind was actually getting in. Now I knew I had the talent, and I needed to use it.

So for the callback audition we had to do two monologues. Both of them related to my life, one a lot more than the other. I have learned that when I tap into my inner emotions while acting, I can do a way better job.
So, that's what I did.

I pretended he was right there and I was talking to him. The monologue was words I wish I could say to him more than anything.
I actually scared myself with how emotional I got.
"You. You are the things I need to get away from in this town."
That's when my voice cracked and tears filled my eyes.

It caught me off guard that I almost started crying while performing, but I held it together.
And apparently, they liked it.
Because I'm in the Fall Play.

Almost, Maine is a romantic comedy set in the imaginary town on Almost, Maine. It's nine one act plays put into a big play. It's hilarious, adorable, and I love it dearly. 

I still don't know what part I have yet, I just know I'm in the cast. I'm hoping I don't get a lousy part, but hey, at least I was good enough to get in at all.

This was literally a dream come true, and proof that I can do what I set my mind to. 
My freshman and sophomore year, I was rejected from the drama/ musical program. That crushed my confidence so much. 
I can't even describe how that hurt me. 
But, junior year, I somehow managed to get into the musical. 
And now, I'm in the play. 
It just goes to show that you can't always believe what people tell you, or the things that you tell yourself. 

"Oh, you're not good enough." "I'll never have a shot at this." "Why am I even trying?" "Why don't I just give up now?" 
Trust me, I've said every single one of those things to myself within the last three years of my life.
But, look where I am now?
The girl who was rejected, is now welcomed. 

October 2012 was one of the best months of my life, probably the best ever. I hope yours was just was great, and your November is too.
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Selina said...

That is freakin awesome!!!!!


Amaranthine said...

Congrats Paige! I have been following you almost since the beginning, and I know how this was a really big goal for you! I'm so happy for you! I hope you continue blogging at college!(maybe blog about transitioning between HS and college?)