Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Pet Peeves of Fashion

If you guys didn't know, I love fashion. Love, love, love it. I am very passionate about the whole aspect of it. Every single day for school except for Thursdays, I always stay fashionable. People wonder why, but I honestly love the compliments from it.
I've even gotten a compliment in the form of an insult before.
The girl was like-
"Ugh, why do you have to look so cute all the time?" And she said it really bratty like. And she's not friendly at all.
I'm like... uh.. thanks..I guess...

Kind of got side tracked, but anyway.
Since I love fashion so much and always try to look stylish, there are many things that people do that really annoy me. And, I'm going to share them with you all, because maybe they annoy you too.
If any of you do these, I apologize, but these are my opinions.


No, Uggs are not my pet peeve. Actually, I love Uggs. I have 4 pairs of them. Including those ones in the picture. Well, one pair out of the four is slippers, but they're still Uggs. And don't get me wrong, I love Uggs! They are so comfy, convenient, and cute!
But not in the summer time.
I've seen this so many times and it makes me want to cringe. Like COME ON. Uggs are winter boots for when it is cold outside, not warm, sometimes terribly hot summer weather! And they look stupid with shorts! It kinda makes me laugh. I love my Uggs, but not enough to wear them in the summer. I'm not that dumb.
If any of you do it, I apologize, I just don't like it. It's a pet peeve.


We've definitely all seen this.
Again, don't get me wrong, pajama pants are great, but not in public, during the day. 
They kinda look dumb, with all the different designs pajama pants can have. And they don't match. with. anything. 
At least wear sweat pants, just not these. Don't you have any self pride? 
Pajama pants are for sleepovers and sleeping, not for school or going shopping.


Okay, this one just makes me down right angry and annoyed.
The answer- it's not.
It just makes them look like idiots, and like whores.
Yeah, I'm calling boys whores, deal with it.
How can that even be comfortable? I know I wouldn't want to walk around all day with my pants falling down. That's just awkward.

I couldn't get a good picture for this, but this one is messy, sloppy, ugly buns on the top of your head.
Like okay, you're too lazy to do your hair, at least brush it and put it in a pony tail or a braid or something, not a careless blob on top of your head. It just looks stupid.

This one kind of involves a lot of things, but it's when people dress like they just don't care. 
I'm talking about sweat pants everyday, big t-shirts and hoodies, and sloppy shoes. I have never worn a pair of sweat pants or big t-shirts to school, and I never will. Yoga pants and slim/ stylishly fitting t-shirts and hoodies, yes. But not stuff that makes you look sloppy and like you're just a big blob.
Like, don't you care about looking fashionable at all? I'm not saying you should never do it, just not EVERY DAY. People at my school do it every day, and I'm like, really? Wear some jeans for god sake or a normal blouse or shirt.

Well, those are some pet peeves of mine. What are yours? Do you agree with any of my pet peeves? Leave me some comments!

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Jenna Cooper said...

I definitely agree with the pants hanging down low. It's really unattractive.
I've watched enough What Not To Wear, though, to understand that when people dress horrible (not just mediocre, but needs intervention bad) it's usually because there's something deeper going on in their lives.

Jessica said...

oh, all of the above. excpet, i dunno, i've worn sweats to walmart a time or two. but really cute, leopard-print ones.

Amaranthine said...

I agree with the Uggs and the boys' pants...ugh. XD Uggs do look strange with shorts XD.

Jedi~Chick said...

I agree with the pants hanging down dad just asked a guy who was volunteering with us at an event today if he ever tripped over his pants. XD

I don't own Uggs...but I wish I did...for the winter...which we hardly get where I live....which is probably why I don't have any Uggs...XD

I wear messy buns TO BED. When I'm on the computer, typing, and don't want my hair in my face. NEVER or only extremely occasionally do I wear them in public!

And my mother won't let me wear pajama pants in public...not even to school...and I'm HOMESCHOOLED! XD

Great post Paige!

Devin said...

Ah, Paige. WE ARE SO FREAKIN' ALIKE. It seems as if people these days get trashy and fashionable confused easily... Uggs SHOULD NEVER be worn with shorts. The only time I have ever done that is when I wear basketball shorts to bed and wake up slip some on when I wake up to take my dog out. But it's 5:45 am so hopefully no one sees me! I have 4 pairs of them too and I LOVE them! I'm wearing some right now :) They are very comfortable.
I went through a phase in 6th grade when I ATTEMPTED the messy bun look, but my mom never let me leave the house (thankfully) because, I must admit, I cannot master the art of the perfect messy bun.
I hate when people say things to me like the girl you mentioned! A lot of girls at my school are pretty cookie cuter. Everyday they tell me how much they like my outfits, and act like I had to rob a bank to get them, just because they haven't seen anyone else around school wearing them.
I think that's why my best friend Jessica and I became friends in the first place. Not because of clothes, but because we like the same kinds of things like clothes. She's fun to go shopping with, and she reminds me a lot of you.
Fabulous post!

Qui said...

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Thank you. You're amazing.

Anonymous said...

I agree with this post! Except, one time my friends and I decided to drive to wal-mart real quick to get some things --- we were all in pjs O: I watch What not to Wear, I've seen way worse... !! hah! Great post, I enjoyed reading this, very agreeable(:

Endor said...

I agree with everything!!!!!!!!

And.......I don't like Uggs, period........I'm probably the only person on the planet, but I'm okay with that.

Anonymous said...

Haha, love this, Jedi~Chick: "And my mother won't let me wear pajama pants in public...not even to school...and I'm HOMESCHOOLED!" It's exactly the same with me!!!

Several of these are pet peeves of mine, too. Pajama pants in public, underwear hanging out, ill-fitting clothes - the message you're sending out is that you don't care about yourself. That you don't have any self-respect, so you just roll out of bed and go out in your pajamas. Plus, I'm sorry, but you just look unhappy and sickly in pajamas during the day! ;)

Abby said...

Oh my gosh. I. Love. This.

Uggs with shorts? Really? I've never actually been witness to this phenomenon, but still... *shudders*

I actually find it pretty entertaining when guys choose to wear their pants practically around their ankles. No, I'm not a creep, but have you seen those guys try to run across the street?! Its hilarious!

And I've only known one girl who could make a messy bun look cute... Totally jealous.

So this would pretty much sum up my feelings about this post: Amen hallelujah! :D

Oh and thanks for following my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness! Normally I don't care for these types of things...But I agree with on EVERYTHING you just said. Finally. A normal person.