Saturday, December 3, 2011

The hardest decision for a dancer

Hey, everyone! So.. I kinda need your help.
Take that back, I really need your help.
If you're a dancer, you'll probably totally be able to relate to this, and even if not, you should help me anyway. :)

So, I take a musical theater class at school where we have to do a final performance for our final grade of the class. And I'll be doing a solo like I did last year. I used Christina Perri's "Jar of Hearts." The dance didn't turn out as good as I would have liked it to. I mean, it was my first time choreographing a solo, but I am still embarrassed by it.

Choreographing a dance is so freaking hard.
And what makes it even harder is choosing the right song.

There are bajillions of great songs out there and I can't seem to pick just one! I want this solo to be amazing, impressing, and pretty much mind blowing.
So I need just the right song to dance to.

If you're a dancer and have gotten to choose your own solo music before, you know how difficult this is.
Thankfully, I've narrowed it down to  few songs, and here they are-

Daughters by John Mayer

Gravity by John Mayer

Assassin by John Mayer

Yeah, they're all by John Mayer. <3

SO, if you guys could take a few minutes of your time and listen to the songs above, and let me know in the comments which one you think would make a great dance song. I'd really appreciate it! Because honestly, I can't decide. I need to start choreographing it soon since the performance is January 13th.

Leave me some comments, please! I am relying on you guys!

AND OH, one more thing!
If this dance turns out good and I'm pleased with it, I'm going to put the video on here! So you guys will get to see me dance! I'm always talking about how much I love dance and how it takes over my life, and now you guys can see me dance!
Yeah, leave me some comments!
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Jessica said...

How about, Electric Twist by A Fine Frenzy? I'll try to think up more, but I'm no dancer, so i can't guarantee any GOOD ideas... hope that helps!

Paige said...

@Jessica- Thanks, but I meant out of the 4 songs I have above.
I love Electric Twist, but not for a dance.

Anonymous said...

Breaking Down by Florence and the Machine, :)

Anonymous said...

Hide and Seek is also good :)

Anonymous said...

These songs are good choices, it's hard to decide. I'm no good at these things, but will say that I hope you choose the right song. Perhaps just start dancing to each one, no particular routine - and see which one you connect with.

Marisa said...

Ahhh I love John Mayer!
Although you probably know that because one of his songs ALWAYS ends up being in DTL! Daughters in the first draft, and now Gravity in the latest one, haha! They're all such good songs, it's hard to choose... but I will support any decision involving John Mayer. Haha!

Marisa said...

So I just realized that my comment was of no help. But I love all those songs. Though I think you could do a lot with Gravity. LOVE that song. But yeah, I'm sure you'd make an amazing dance for whichever song you choose. :)

Quinn said...

I like either Slow Dancing in a Burning Room or Daughters. (Since that's a waltz, it'll be neat to choreoghraph.)
Just a question though, this is for a musical theatre class, so you'll be dancing musical theatre/jazz? Shouldn't you go for a Broadway song or a song you could do jazz too? Just a thought.

Devin said...

I love John Mayer! I think all of these would be great, so I'll just offer some pointers on each one. I've never been able to choreograph my own dances, I'm no where near that talented! Especially a solo, that's nerve racking!
Assasin: I think you could do a lot of cool things with the beginning of this dance because it's slow, but it also has a unique, distinctive beat. The downfall, I feel is that there isn't really a 'climax' to it if you get what I'm saying.
Slow Dancing: Like I mentioned I really like all of them, but as I mentioned above, I don't nessecarily think this song is ideal just because it's pretty consistent. I think for something simply amazing, you'll want more of a suprise factor.
Gravity: I adore this song! Unfortunately, I think it's a bit overdone. I would say its almost to the point of being stereotypical. If you really want that WOW factor as you mentioned, I don't think I'd pick this.
Daughters: At first, I was against this song for a solo, but after I listened to it as I tried to put a vision in my head, I like this one the best. It has a great mix of tones, speeds, and I think it really has a climax. The lyrics would fit a solo and make it absolutely precious.
I know you said you wanted to stick to these songs, but have you thought about Dreaming With a Broken Heart by John Mayer? I have seen beautiful ballet and figure skating routines choreographed to this. The end would be really fun to experiment with too! (The " Do I have to fall asleep with roses in my hands?" part.)
Either way you choose, I'm sure you'll do fabulous! I'd LOVE to see it!!

Paige said...

@Amanda- Thank you! I may try that, haha!

@Marisa- HE IS SO AMAZING. I know, I saw that in the recent DTL! I forgot daughters was in the old one though. I love Gravity too, that is one of my top choices!

@Quinn- Thank you! Daughters is one of my top choices, and yeah, the teacher said he prefers it to be Broadway music but it doesn't have to be, as long as the dance is some kind of jazz. So this'll be like a contemporary/ lyrical, which is like slow jazz.. i guess..
I like Broadway music, but there's so much of it, it would be even harder to choose!

@Devin- Thank you for the long insight, haha! Daughters and Gravity are my top choices now :) I love Assassin but like you said, there's not really a climax. Same with Slow Dancing. Thanks Devin <3

Kelley Vitollo said...

I am of absolutely no help here. Sorry. I will say I think all the choices are great and I'm sure whatever you pick, it will turn out fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, John Mayer's got such a good voice!

I listened to some of each, and I know and love "Daughters", so I'd say either that one or "Assassin". I could see you doing some cool stuff for "Assassin"!

I can't wait to see the video, I'd love to watch you dance! :D