Friday, November 11, 2011

Just in case you didn't check your calender..

Well my friends, if you don't realize the significance of today, you haven't gone to school, been on Facebook, or Twitter, or out in the world period.
Today is 11/11/11.
Paige, we all know that Stop underestimating us. 
I just wanted to say it! Gosh..

Anyway, today is an epic day of wishes. I made my first wish earlier today at 11:11 AM. This one girl at my class at the time and me were counting down the minutes until 11:11. We were the only two excited in our class, but I was told some other classes screamed during the minute, and some people went down to room 1111 in school to make their wish (Which I wanted to do... but wasn't aloud..) Me and her were both so ecstatic. I'm not superstitious at all, but this was still exciting. I mean, I'll be dead next time it happens!

I think my wish covered everything I dreamed of for this year. I had a lot of wishes, but then there was one sentence that included them all without saying it. 
No, I didn't go, I wish this, that, that, this, and that. 
My one wish included all the things I hope to happen. 

I mean, I know wishes don't usually come true, once in a blue moon. (One of mine did once, but it wasn't on 11:11) It's still fun to wish though, isn't it?

It was like I felt an excitement creep over the room and into me as the clock on my iPod and phone turned to 11:11 in 5th period today. It just felt magical. 
You know what else is cool?
I'm in 11th grade! 

So to say it all..
It was 11:11 on 11/11/11 and I am in 11th grade! Now that only happens once. 
Too bad I wasn't in room 1111....

We get 2 chances today, 11:11 AM & PM. My AM wish was more selfish, but the second one will be for the greater good! 
So, what will you wish for? You better think about it! But don't tell me, or it won't come true! Or, will you even wish at all? Did you wish already today like me? Let me know! 

Happy 11/11/11, and Veterans Day! 

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Anonymous said...

I've heard about tons of people making wishes ... I didn't hear about that one! Hope yours come true!

Anonymous said...

it was a great day. i made wishes at both 11:11:11's :)
I was at lunch for one and then after bowling, we went to Dennys so I was there for the night one!

Anonymous said...

Aw, now I feel stupid because I didn't make any wishes. ;) LOL I'm glad you had so much fun! It sounds great!

And your new design is really cute, by the way. :) Love it!