Friday, November 25, 2011

Guess who I found...

So, Friday at 12 AM, I went Black Friday shopping. We first stopped at Macy's (My favorite store) because they were having a sale from 12-1 AM.
When we were there, we went up to the shoe department so I could get some new Nike tennis shoes. (Which I am in love with now, they're so comfy!)
While I was waiting for them to get my size, I looked over to my right and saw her.

Who is this you may ask? Some of you might know, but if you don't, it's Abby Lee Miller from the popular Lifetime reality TV series, Dance Moms.
This post is really only going to make sense to the people who have watched or know of the show Dance Moms, but I'm going to go on anyway. 

I was kind of shocked I saw her, because she's kind of a celebrity. I mean she has her own super popular and awesome TV show, which I love. 
We said hi to her like friendly people and told her we loved her show. And I expected her to be evil like she is on the show.. but she was really nice. Well, sorta nice. Not evil at all. 
We had a fully fledged conversation! She asked us if we danced, and when my aunt said we did, she automatically started scanning us over to see if we had the "dancer's body."

And apparently I do, because you know what she said?
"You're beautiful!" 

Yeah, that was pretty much the reaction inside my head after she said it. 

To have someone as successful as Abby Lee Miller, who has her own show, and has dancers working all over the country, some famous, like Miranda Maleski from SYTYCD Season 8, say something like that to me was just so flattering. 
AND OH, it gets better, but also pretty annoying too. 

She kept telling me and my cousin in the picture, Bailey, to come to her studio. Like she wanted us bad. 
After I told her where I took dance, she said,
"Why do you go to those competitions in Ohio? For what reason exactly? Come to the real ones!" And by 'real ones,' she means in Vegas and in Hollywood. 

She never really gave me a chance to answer, but if I would have, I would have said..
"Well, I go to the Ohio competitions because..
1. They aren't outrageously expensive. 
2. We like to have fun at them, and we don't treat them like LIFE OR DEATH SITUATIONS. We don't want to make a serious career out of dance, we do it for joy and the experience of being there. 
3. I like those competitions, my studio, and my nice, not evil and intimidating teachers, thank you very much." 

Plus, she's pretty scary, so I'd probably would not have been brave enough to say all that.
But I thought it, so it counts..

That's Maddie, the one that Abby favors and thinks is so amazing. She even mentioned Maddie last night during the conversation! I hate Maddie. Chloe is my favorite, and Paige :p

It just kinda made me mad that she thinks she's the best place around, and her dancers are always the best. Not to brag or anything, but my studio does pretty awesome at competitions, Abby Lee.

I mean yeah, it would be really awesome to work with her and be her student. But, I'm loyal to my current studio  and I have been for the past 13 years. I can't just leave, especially when I'm a junior, that'd be pointless. Yeah I'm serious about dance and so are my teachers, but they aren't like Abby Lee. Not all serious teachers have to be evil and insulting to be serious.

But, it was flattering and really cool that she really wanted us to come and complimented me, and it was really shocking to meet her.
Yes, she's as huge in real life as she is on TV. 
As we were taking the picture, she told us to cover her fat. 

SO.. just thought I'd share that with you guys, considering it was the highlight of my week. 
Do you watch Dance Moms? What do you think of it? Of Abby? Leave me comments!

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Amaranthine said...

Wow, it's so cool that you met her! I love the show and I love Abby and everybody on the show except Cathy and Kelly.

Abby may be strict but all the serious teachers are like that, and she really loves her job.

Evie J said...


That. Is. AWESOME!

Chloe is my favorite, too! She's too sweet and adorable. They're all amazing dancers, though.

Quinn said...

I love that show. I mean, I despise the moms, they are just despicable human beings, but I watch it because I love the dancing.
Brooke is actually my favorite, I'm obsessed with acro (probably because I can't do it.)
I would kill to have Abbey as a teacher. *sigh* I mean seriously, I would give up everything to go be at her studio 5 hours 7 days a week. >.>

Cindi said...

AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I LOVE THAT SHOW! I AM JEALOUS! That is quite exciting! :)) Chloe is my favorite too!

Marisa said...


Anonymous said...

No, I don't watch the show...but that's SOOO AWESOME that you ran into a CELEBRITY while doing your Black Friday shopping!!! How cool! And she called you beautiful?! That's so awesome, Paige, I'm so happy for you! :D

Devin said...

That is SO SO SO SO SO cool! Seriously, I saw the picture and the title and I flipped out! Honestly, I don't particularly care for her, but it is really cool that you got to meet her! I watch that show so much, that meeting her would be pretty incredible.
I guess I'm kind of the same way with dance as you are. I do it for fun. I think you're a little more serious about it than me considering I hardly evepor st about it or anything. The thing I love most about dance is the experience it's bought me. Maybe I'll teach dance in college or something as a part time job, but that's as far as I'll pursue it for a career. The trips to New York, exciting competitions, glitzy costumes, and precious memories last me long enough.

Paige said...

@Amaranthine- I hate Cathy too! I'm so glad her and her stupid daughter went back to Candy Apples! (Every time I say that name, I laugh.)
My teachers are serious about it and they aren't like Abby, so that's not always true.

@Evie-Chloe is the best, I mean she's just as good as Maddie, she should be the favorite! And yeah, I'm so jealous of them all :(

@Qui- I get a good laugh at the moms every time I watch them, haha! I'm glad dance moms at my studio aren't like that..
Brooke is good, she just comes off as a little snobby to me. I wish I could do acro, too, she's so lucky! I know, it would be so awesome to be there that much. But with highschool and every thing else I do, it would be impossible for me.

@Cindi- Yay! Another Chloe fan!

@Taylor Lynn- You should watch the show! It's hilarious and so entertaining! it comes back on Lifetime in January!

@Devin- Yeah, it was pretty cool. The way she teaches her girls and screams at them and insults them makes me mad, not all serious teachers have to be that way.
Yeah, I do dance because I love it and it's fun, not because I hope to be on Broadway someday. I'd love to do something with it in the future but not Broadway or Vegas like them...
Exactly, the experience is amazing. Competitions are my favorite part of being a dancer.

Anonymous said...

That is so cool!! I'm a huge fan of the show, and Chloe, Paige and Brooke are my favorites!
New follower, I love your blog :)

Steph said...

My daughter and I watch that show! She would've been thrilled to meet her! I agree about Maddie, she is super talented, but wow, she is a little brat! Love Chloe! :)

Anonymous said...

How neat to meet her! I bet she's not as bad in real life (in her studio) as she is on tv. And how wonderful for her to compliment you and ask you to come to her studio, although I understand why and how you do it for fun!

Maya said...

wow, how cool that you got to meet someone from tv. it sucks that you didn't actually say all that stuff to her - you should have! that's such a compliment to receive from someone as serious about dance as she is. but good on you for staying loyal to your studio. she doesn't deserve you :) x