Thursday, September 22, 2011

She's back and definitely better than ever.

Many of you know the singer/ former actress Demi Lovato and her issues that she went through last year. She quit her show Sonny With a Chance and basically just went away for a long time, while she was at a mental hospital for some time too.  I'm not really a fan of hers, well, I wasn't. But I think I kind of am now.

I thought I'd do a post about her since she is sort of an inspiration to me. She lost all confidence in herself and everyone pretty much lost faith in her. They thought she was done for good, no one would ever see her again. Well, I thought that. But then, she comes back totally confident (or seemingly totally confident) and makes this awesome album! I think if she can do that, have a total breakthrough find herself again,  we can too.

There are actually some good songs on the album. I think some of them are completely stupid like "Who's That Boy," and "You're My Only Shorty." Those are both just dumb. But there are a few I really like-

"Unbroken" is also a good song but I couldn't find a good video of that one.
She's very relateable to teens everywhere, because we all go through something like this. The Skyscraper video is amazing. I can't believe she thinks or thought she's fat and ugly, she's beautiful. Well, check out her new album Unbroken!
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Anonymous said...

I bought this album, I'm listening to it right now, which is weird, I'm a country music person.
I actually have all of her albums, because back when she started singing, my sister was obsessed with Disney channel, so every five minutes, I'd hear "Get Back" and I thought it was pretty catchy.
I'm still surprised I have these albums.

Momma Too Many said...

She is a massive inspiration to me. After all she went through, she still threw herself back into her music and into the industry even though she knew people would criticize her. And that's an amazing achievement. I really hope I can be as amazing as she is one day.

Bianca McCray said...

I'm basically her biggest fan! A true Lovatic! I love all her song, except for one which was on her first album. Other than that awesome! Lightweight is my favorite song and All Night Long with Missy Elliot and Timbaland is my least favorite but I love the whole album so that is kind of weird!

Anonymous said...

Don't you love when someone inspires you like that? I have several people who truly inspire me, and it's such a fantastic feeling. I definitely see why you'd like Demi Lovato - I recently bought her single "Skyscraper" on iTunes, and I LOVE it! It's just so moving.

Definitely awesome. I'll have to check out the rest of her album on iTunes!