Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My baby is in the hospital.

Yes, my child, my laptop has been omitted to the Best Buy Computer Hospital. (Yes I made that up.)
But for real, my laptop is at Best Buy right now. Yesterday it just decided, "Oh, I'm going to be a bi*** and not connect to the internet, HA, HA." So since my computer has such a grand sense of humor, I couldn't get it t connect to my home internet, no matter what I tried. So my mom took it to Best Buy and it wouldn't connect to their internet either! So now Lappy (yes that's his name, be jealous.) has to spend 3-5 days in the hospital.
It's so dumb because it actually costs MORE to fix the dang thing then to actually get a new one.             
I feel like swearing, a lot. but that's not polite since some of you are kids and others just don't like swearing. And I feel like throwing things, and punching myself. Why? Because Flawed is on that computer, and so is the beginning of my new book, and basically everything else I care about is on there. Paige, why didn't you put it on a flash drive? Because I'm stupid. That's why. 

So I'm just hoping they don't accidentally delete everything on my drive. If they do, I'm going to cry. I have Flawed on Inkpop, and I can download it from there, and I have the beginning paragraph of my new book on my flash drive, but it's only the beginning paragraph, I forgot to save the rest that I typed yesterday! GAH!!! And then all my newspaper articles, school stuff, and etc are gone if it gets deleted. It better freaking not get deleted. 

There's a new Beautiful People post out today but I can't do it because Dakota from Flawed bores me and I don't know enough about Alice and Faye from my book yet to answer the questions. I may just make it up, who knows. 

So I'm in a bad mood. I'm stuck with using this old ancient laptop until who knows when, that runs like an old fat dog, or slow you can say. Who knows how often I'll be blogging. Sigh. I hope my baby gets better. This can be a life lesson to all of us-
Save your work on a flash drive. Don't be a Paige, because those are pretty freaking stupid. 
I'm done now. 

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Devin said...

AWH! :( I don't know what I do without my laptop. I think I'd have some issues functioning and with privacy...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice! I hope your computer turns out okay!

Anonymous said...

Aw, too bad about the computer. But think positive - YOUR STUFF WILL BE FINE! <3

And actually, even if you feel like you don't know your characters well enough, you still ought to do Beautiful People. I did my first Elli & Finn BP post before I even started their novel! It really helps you develop characters you don't know yet. And you can always change them later. :)