Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Ways To Wear A Hat

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  ok that ones a little different...
There are so many different hats out there right? Not including the last picture, the other two have hats that are in style.
For fall and winter, you want to look at the first picture! Let me show you my two favorite fall/wintery hats that I own!

The black one my friends knitted for me! I love them both!
Now for summer, I don't have any floppy hats because I never got the chance to get one!  :( but here are some amazing stores that you can buy them!
$12.80 Forever 21
Nine West Hat, Straw Floppy with Bow
David & Young Floppy Straw Hat
 I love the last one from Nordstrom.
Now I have a short video with three new outfits of mine and I would love it if you would comment or email me telling me your favorite one! I will wear the  most popular as my first day of school outfit!
Thanks for having me, Paige!


Paige said...

Great post! I can never seem to pull off a hat.. haha. Thanks so much for posting! :)

Anonymous said...

Those hats are cute! I don't own many hats, and those I do I hardly ever wear... but I do like the look of a cute hat. :)

As for outfits... I'd go with the Ann Taylor top and the scarf. It's adorable! :D

Nice post, Shelby!

Shelby said...

thanks paige and taylor lynn! :)