Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pet Peeves- Text Talk

Heyyyyy guyz! Dis post iz bout 1 of my biggest pet peeves- Txt Tlk. It iz bcoming bigger & bigger theze dayz. I know a lot of yuh guyz h8 txt tlk 2, isn't it annoying? Sometimz txt tlk makes me wnt 2 say STFU! Whn I txt, I'm sometimz guilty of usin xpressions lyk BRB, LOL, TTYL, ILY, WRUD, & such. I'm going 2 try my hardest 2 do dis entire post in txt tlk, lets c how it goez!

Wuzz up?? 2morrow iz my last day of freedom Skl strts Thurs & I'm hving issues w/ waking up erly. Lol.  No1 shud have 2 wake up @ 5:30 AM! Thts retarded. lyk wtf Smh. Skl is lyk adih (Another day in hell, yes it really is a real abbreviation) 2 me. 

Hmu with some blog posts Blogger iz rlly quiet l8ely. So hru guys? Wrud lately? I've ben aight. I'm sry my blog iznt as frequent l8ely. I'm guna h8 skl, lyk omg.


That didn't go too well.
Text talk! I know so many of you guys hate it too. It's just like... SHUT UP! ARE YOU TRYING TO SOUND STUPID AND UNEDUCATED AND LAZY? The list could just go on. 

I am guilty of doing it once and a while, like saying lol and ttyl and ily. But those are normal ones. When it gets extreme like I did up there, that's when it annoys me. Like come on, can you please type normal words?! Grammar and correct spelling are there for us to use whenever we want, so why won't we? I think writers like us hate it the most because we are so used to making all our writing perfect and all the spelling is correct. 

It just gets on my nerves so much when I get a text from someone and it's a text like those above. 
Some acronyms for stuff are pretty ridiculous. Like why can't we just type the words?! Here are some hilarious and outrageous ones I found-

AAK- Alive and Kicking
AASHTA- As always Sheldon has the answer.
AFFA- Angels Forever, Forever Angels.
IAAMU- I am a monkey's uncle.
BIC-Butt in chair
BFFLNMW-Best friend for life no matter what
CLAB-Crying like a baby
CUIMD-See you in my dreams.
DLTBBB-Don't let the bed bugs bite! (my automatic response to my father would be, No way!)
FBF- Fat boy food
RAEBNC-Read and enjoyed, but no comment.
FOAD- Fu** off and die! 
GAS- Greetings and Salutations.
GOL- Giggling out loud.
HFAC- Holy flipping animal crackers! 
JGI- Just Google it.
LTOD- Laptop of death!
POS-Parent over shoulder. (This one could be helpful...)
SWAK- Sealed with a kiss.

Find more of these here and here
Do you guys find Text talk annoying? If so, do you avoid it all together or find yourself accidentally doing it? Leave comments!

This video inspired me to do this post. WATCH IT! It's hilarious! 

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Qui said...

I won't even talk to people who use text talk. At least, I won't IM them. It drives me INSANE.
The most I ever use is lol (rare) and brb (use it a lot xD.)

Converse said...

Dude, I HATE acronyms! I never use them for anything, except GIG which means something weird...... Just an inside joke to my Hunger Games friends.

Taylor Lynn said...

Ooh, I know, text talk is one of my biggest pet peeves! It annoys me to no end. Ugh! I think you're right - as writers, I think we're so used to actually using grammar that when we see text talk it drives us insane. (Like so!) The only one I really ever use is LOL. (That one I use quite a lot, actually. ;)

I really love that "Let's eat, grandpa!" illustration, by the way. ;) And whoever it is that makes those "TEEHEE" videos... is EPICALLY HILARIOUS! xD LOL!

Marisa said...

LOL I totes agree wit u. I h8 txt tlk sooo much. Y do ppl think its cool?


I always make a point to be grammatically connect when I text. I guarantee you it's a writer thing. Though I am guilty of using lol. Because who actually types out 'laugh out loud' xD

Great post!

Duchess Satine Kenobi said...

Text talk is one of my biggest pet peeves!!! I never use it unless i'm in a HUGE hurry or it's an emergency. I pride myself in typing out full words with correct grammar and punctuation when I'm texting.