Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Beautiful People-August

Woo! Time for another round of Beautiful People! I will be doing my character Dakota from Flawed again.

I have been reluctant to write lately, stupid writer's block. Well I can't even call it writer's block. I know what I want to happen in the story, but I've lost my will to write it, you know? The same thing happened with my last book The Bucket List and I just completely dropped it for Flawed. The same thing is happening again. I have a brand new book idea but I know if I drop Flawed now I won't get far with this new idea since I still don't know what to make happen in it!

Have you ever had a new idea that just won't leave your head no matter how hard you try to push it away? Well, that's what's happening to me.
And, I promised myself I would finish Flawed so I WILL. GAH! ...... EVENTUALLY! 

Visual of Dakota
1. What is their biggest accomplishment? Well, Dakota is just a 16 year old girl, so she hasn't done anything major with her life yet. But to this day, she'd say her biggest accomplishment is getting into the San Diego School of Preforming Arts.

2. What is their strongest childhood memories? Dakota didn't have that great of a childhood. She is haunted by the memories of her parents constantly fighting and her dad walking out on her and her mother.

3. What is their favorite food? I never really thought about this one. I'd say for a favorite snack food it would be Oreos. Oreos remind her of being with her best friends and they are comforting to her.

4. Do they believe in love at first sight? Pshhh, no. Dakota has been hurt one too many times by boys or past crushes to believe it could ever happen to her.

 5.What kind of home do they live in? This question kind of confused me. I don't know if it means literally "what type of house" or like how is their home life? So I'll just answer both. She lives in a fairly large and nice two story average American home. As for her home life, she has a broken family. Her mom is hardly ever home and her dad walked out on them.

6.What do they like to wear? The newest trends! Dakota always loves to look fashionable and never wears anything that's out of style! Skinny jeans are a must with her!

7.What would they do if they discovered they were dying? This would have been a perfect question for my last novel's character named Chloe, even though she wasn't dying. If Dakota found this out, I think she'd go into shock. Or a depression. But after a few days I think she'd try to live out the rest of her life to the fullest.

8. What kind of holidays or traditions do they celebrate? The normal Christian holidays, Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, and the rest of the normal ones.

9. What do your other characters have to say about them? It depends on what school you go to in Dakota's life. At one place people hate her and at another they are her friends. At one school they say she's a traitor and isn't a true friend. But, that isn't true at all.

10. If they could change one thing in their world, what would it be? Well, when you say in THEIR world that narrows it down. Because I could say world peace or no more sickness but that's too broad. If Dakota could change one thing in her life she would want to still be a member and on good terms with The Flawless Four! Having them hate her is really hard on her and she just wants everything to be normal again.

Too bad that will never happen...

Thanks for reading and thanks to the Beautiful People creators for putting on such a great meme! 


Anonymous said...

Beautiful People's back! YAY! I love the questions, and answers. And compare question 7 to what you know about Finn in my novel... xD PERFECT!

As for "Flawed"... DON'T GIVE IT UP. I know EXACTLY what you're going through! I've dumped novels before that I've lost the will to write. (I have a problem with not finishing things I start... hehehe... ;) However, for "The Sandcastle's Way", my mom says that even if I lose the will to write it, she's going to keep me going until I finish it. And it helps to have someone keeping you going; besides, once I open the document and start typing, I usually get the will to write back. :)

If you'd like, I could do the same with you - encourage you to keep going. DON'T DUMP IT, PAIGE, YOU'VE GOT A GOOD STORY GOING! I've got another story idea bouncing around, too - I'm going to write it down so I don't forget it, put it aside, and go back to it once "The Sandcastle's Way" is done. You should definitely do the same! Besides, that way you'll have time to figure out where you want to go with the next one. :)

Good luck figuring out what to do! :D

Anonymous said...

hi i wanted to know who is the blond girl in the photo, can you tell me her name? thanks and i hope that you have success with your story bye bye