Sunday, July 3, 2011

You can't get tired of this show

Spongebob Squarepants. I mean, who doesn't watch this show? I know some people who don't like it but, hardly at all!
I've watched Spongebob since I was a little kid, and I still watch it today even though I'm almost 16. It's one of my favorite shows and I'm not ashamed of that.

It came out May 1st, 1999. So I was almost 4 years old when it first aired. I think my cousin told us how funny it was and to watch it someday. So we did, and loved it. 

My mom hates Spongebob. Well, hates the sound of it, it annoys her. She likes the "Rock Bottom," episode though, were the bus drops him off in the town of Rock Bottom and he keeps missing the bus back to Bikini Bottom.
My dad on the other hand, loves it. He'll even watch it on his own, without kids with him! He'll always ask us if there's a new episode on once in a while.

I think as I got older, Spongebob got funnier for me. Some of the stuff I wouldn't laugh at when I was younger is hilarious to me now. Especially Squidward's humor. I hated him when I was young, now I love him. 
What? Am I gunna blow up?
 Worse, it'll head straight to your thighs!
Don't even get me started on Patrick, I love him to death! Always have and always will. He's the funniest one on the show!

Oh boy, three AM!
I'm not an abnormal or crazy person. If you saw me outside of blogger, I'm totally normal looking. So many other normal teenagers would like Spongebob, give him a try. It's not just a kid's show, it's funny for teens too. 
I thought of something funnier than 24..

Check out these funny videos-

Hope you enjoyed this post! Do you like Spongebob? Did he get funnier to you as you got older? Or do you just hate him? Let me know in the comments!
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Qui said...

I started watching Spongebob the day it came out....and I love it to death!!

Paige said...

@Qui- It's the best! I hope it'll still be on when I have kids, because I am making them watch it!


Evie J said...

SPONGEBOB!!! I remember when it came out! I was 8 at the time, and it was a HUGE deal in school to love Spongebob. haha! I think that was 3rd grade for me. The old Spongebob (first few years) were the best.

Paige said...

@Evie- Haha it's like, "You don't like Spongebob? Then you're not cool!"

Yeah, the old ones were a lot better :(

Bianca McCray said...

I love Spongebob, and I'm obsessed with it. :) I was 3 at the time.

Anonymous said...

I love Spongebob.

Sam said...

I LOVE Spongebob!! <3 <3 Same thing with me, my mom hates it but my dad loves it too! I was only 1 or 2 when it came out, but I'll love this show forever. :)

Anonymous said...

I've hardly ever watched Spongebob, and my mom doesn't like him... I really don't have an opinion either way, LOL. But those quotes and photos make it look funny!