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Pass It On- The ending

Here it is everyone! The ending to a story we all created! I'm so proud of you all! Thank you all so much for participating, would you want to do another one in August?

We brought this story so far, it started out as a simple audition and turned into so much more. You are all great writers. We got through this story in about a month.

I was going to put the entire story in this post, but my blog for some reason starts acting all crazy when I try. I think it's because it's so long, my blog doesn't like long posts. *_* So to read the rest of the story, click here.

*Keep in mind, there will probably be some grammar errors in mine. I didn't edit it thoroughly. So yeah, enjoy!*

Alaw's part-
As James drove, I kept repeating the same thing to myself: “Please don’t be dead. Please,please, don’t be dead!” My hands were shaking violently. I tried to calm myself. “Dad isn’t dead. He can’t be dead!” But it just wasn’t working. My tears had flooded my eyes now, threatening to brim over again. I couldn’t see, but I didn’t have the emotional strength to wipe them away.
James’ voice broke the silence. “It’ll be okay, Emma. It really will. You’ll see.”
That did it. All the pain that I had been feeling ever since James started dating Lani swelled up and overcame my sadness. I swiped at my eyes angrily and turned on James.
“Why are you even trying to comfort me? You know you don’t mean it!”
“I do,” he said, quietly.
I snorted. The snort came out shaky and didn’t sound as defiant as I had meant it to be. I knew I was overdoing it, but I went on. “Why don’t you just save your sweet words for your girlfriend? I’m sure she’d appreciate them, and then you’d actually mean what you’re saying!”
Now it was James’ turn to get angry. “I wasn’t the one who turned their back on me! What was I to do to numb the pain?”His voice softened. “I love you, Emma.”
The car stopped in the parking lot. James reached over and kissed me.

My Part-
His lips were on mine. My heart almost pounded out of my chest as I kissed him back. His hand held the back of my head gently. It brought back a thousand memories into my mind. They swarmed around and scolded me for ever leaving him in the first place.

You've been missing this all this time.

He finally stopped and backed away slowly. But I wanted more, I wanted him all to myself and I couldn't deny it anymore. No matter how hard I tried.

"I'm sorry, I just-" he breathed.
"Don't be," I replied, not letting him finish.

"I just miss you so much. I shouldn't have ran off with Lani, that was stupid of me. She's nothing compared to you," he whispered, tucking my hair behind my hear.

"Why are you still with her then? You just cheated on her with me," I sighed. As soon as Lani found out she would never let me hear the end of it.

James looked down, not meeting me eyes. "I'm not," he admitted.

"What?" I asked, astonished, "You lied to me?"
"I was with her, until about a month ago. We didn't tell anyone we broke up."

"Why did you tell me you were still with her then?" I couldn't believe this. I wanted to punch him and kiss him at the same time.

"I.. thought it would make you like me again. I'm sorry Emma."
He was right about one thing.
I gulped and then looked into his blue eyes, "Well, it worked. I never really stopped liking you."

"Why did you leave me then?"

"I was afraid of getting hurt. I heard some rumors, it's not important now. All I know is it was a mistake, and I regret it," I said, then slowly kissing him on the cheek.

"I have to go inside," I concluded and then quickly opened the car door, before he could react to what I admitted.

I heard rumors that James was cheating on me with a cheerleader from a public high school. Lani was the one who told me, and stupidly, I believed her. Then next thing I knew she was off with James, my boyfriend.

I quickly made my way inside the hospital doors, searching frantically for the front desk. I wouldn't relax until I saw him, alive.

I raced down a few hallways and went to the first desk I found.
"Excuse me, can you tell me what room Steven Taylor is in?" I asked urgently.

"Yes, hold on let me look him up," the nurse behind the desk answered. The minutes it took her to search through the computer seemed like hours that dragged on, never to end.

"Ah, here he is. He's in the ICU, room 135. "

ICU, Intensive Care Unit. No.

I rushed away from the desk, without a goodbye or thank you. I dashed through the hallways, running as fast as my feet could carry me. I had no idea where the ICU was, but I'd search the entire hospital if I had to.

After a few more hallways, I found it. Without even thinking, I burst through the door. Doctors started to yell and try to grab me, telling me I wasn't aloud in here. But I could care less.

I raced through the room, looking in all the beds, searching for his face. Just as my arms were yanked behind me, I spotted him.

"Dad!" I cried. "Let me go!" I yelled, struggling to come free of the doctor's grasp. I twisted and turned with all my might, and managed to escape his hold long enough to race over to my dad's bedside.

I couldn't tell if he was in a coma or sleeping. He was breathing uneven, hard breaths and had scratches and bruises present all over his face and chest. This was the first time I saw his face in years, and it wasn't supposed to be like this.

This was all my fault. If I never would have gotten the lead, he wouldn't have gone on the plane in the first place.

It's your fault if he dies.

Tears streamed down my face as the doctor grabbed me again and pulled be back out of the ICU.

"Is he going to live?" I sobbed to the doctor.

"We don't know. He's in critical condition. Now get out of here, this place is forbidden to visitors," the doctor answered monotonously.

"I'm not just any visitor, he's my dad!" I yelled angrily back. This doctor was giving me attitude and I didn't like it.

"We'll let you know if his condition changes. Now get out of here before I call security!" he growled, and I turned away. This doctor could care less about anyone else's feelings. It made me sick.
I walked back out to James' car, tears still fresh in my eyes. James' eyes widened as I got in the passenger seat.

"Did you find him?" he asked.

"Yeah, I found him," I sighed.

"Is he...?"

"He's alive," I sighed again. Alive, for now.

"Well that's good, right?"

"Yeah, but he was in the ICU in critical condition, so anything could happen."

James dropped me off at my house late that night. I silently made my way up to my bedroom without speaking to my mom. She was sitting in the kitchen, yelling at someone over the phone.

I plopped down on my bed. I just didn't have the energy to move anymore. I didn't have the energy to sing, dance or act either.

I didn't have to energy to be Elena. I just couldn't do it.

A few minutes later, my mom entered my room.

"Your dad survived, Emma!" she beamed.

"I know, I saw him. I went to the hospital."

"Good, I was so worried-"

"No mom, this is not good. He's in the ICU in critical condition, probably in a coma right now and it's all my fault!" I sobbed, putting my face to my pillow.

My mom sat down on the bed beside me and started rubbing my back,"Honey, this is not your fault at all. You weren't flying the plane, you didn't make it crash."

"Well I asked him to come here for my performance tomorrow, and if it wasn't for me he'd still be in Paris."

"No. You didn't know this would happen, stop blaming yourself!"
"I'm not doing the show tomorrow mom, I'm done. I quit. Don't try and convince me otherwise."

All I heard was her sigh and walk out of my room.

It was probably three in the morning when someone was tapping me on the back and whispering my name.

"Emma, wake up."

I looked up to see the sad face of James staring down at me.

"James? What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to talk some sense into you Emma. You are doing that show tomorrow."

"How did you even find out?" That was a dumb question. Mom. So I moved onto the next one.

"Why should I? That show is the reason my dad is in a coma, almost dying!"

"You know he came here to see you do what you love. I remember you telling me a few months ago how this was your dream. Your dad would want you to do this performance. You can't miss out on this. Do it for your dad."

I just stayed silent for a few seconds, thinking it over. He would probably frown upon me sitting this out. It was my dream after all. I could dedicate it to him.

"I guess your right," I sighed, as James reached down and kissed me on the cheek.

"See you tomorrow, Elena," he smiled and exited my room. Then I drifted off to sleep.

It was show time. I sat at my dressing room mirror, staring back at my made up face. Bags were present under my blue eyes, but my light brown hair looked stunning the way the hair dressers curled it.

I looked like a super star.
But I sure didn't feel like one.

After months of rehearsals, my dream was finally happening. I should have been over joyed and ecstatic, but I just couldn't.

My mind was set on my dad. What was his condition? Was he any better? Any worse?

'Two minutes!" yelled the stage manager on every cast member's door. Soon I'd be on stage, with James. They added in a kiss scene a few days ago. I dreaded it, until now.

Maybe James and I could be together again. The way he kissed me in the car was amazing. I had never felt that kind of spark before.

I tip toed out of my dressing room and peeked out of the curtains. Thousands of people filled the auditorium. My stomach began to churn.

Do it for dad.

Before I knew it I was rushed onto the stage, getting in my position for the opening act. James stood beside me, looking equally as nervous. He reached out and took my hand.

"Everything will be okay," he assured, and the curtains opened.

Each act, song, and dance seemed to pass by quickly. I was having the time of my life. The crowd laughed at my funny lines, awed at my dancing, and cheered for my voice. They were the best sounds I have ever heard.

At the end, the whole cast got into a line and we took our final bow. The crowd stood on their feet as they clapped.

I stepped forward from my cast members and began to speak up.

"I'd like to say something," I said into my microphone. The audience became silent.

"I dedicate this performance to my dad. Yesterday, he was in a plane crash and is at the hospital now. Dad, this was all for you," I said, looking up at the bright spotlight.

The crowd suddenly burst into louder applause. James came up behind me and hugged me tight. Then his lips were on mine. The feeling was magical.

After the audience finally stopped cheering, we made our way off stage and I went back into my dressing room. I would get to do all of that again tomorrow, and hear that wonderful sound again.

My phone began buzzing on the table. It was a call from a number I didn't recognize.
"Hello?" I said, putting the phone to my ear.

"Emma? Is that you?" said the voice. I knew that voice.


The End.

I want to thank all the authors of this story-

Qui , Nova , Endor ,Taylor Lynn ,Hana C, Marisa ,J , Ley Firewalker ,Future Jedi Girl ,Converse and Munch, Jedi Chick, and Alaw

You all did such an amazing job! Thank you all so much for participating and being great followers! Love you all!

Please let me know your thoughts on the ending, any ideas for a title, and if you'd do another Pass It On meme in August!
Thank you!

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Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome! I had so much fun writing this with you all, and reading everyone's work as it came together into a comprehensive story. Fantastic ending, Paige - and thanks so much for including me! I'd SO love to do another one!

I'll have to think about titles... I'll let you know what I come up with. :)