Saturday, July 30, 2011


Woah! I have 70 followers! That is amazing! Thank you to each and every one of you, you don't know how much it means to me! Anyways... post idea stolen from Qui!

Eating- Pepperoni rolls.. yum.

Drinking- Chocolate milk!

Watching- SYTYCD performances.. my current obsession. Watch them, they're amazing! Skip to 22 seconds to watch routine on first video, skip to 25 seconds on the second video to watch routine.

Listening- To When it Rains by Paramore. It's such a powerful song, it's about suicide.

Loving- This book. It's so sweet and amazing so far. Markus Zusak is so great.

Wondering- Is a book pitch and synopsis the same thing?

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you're up to a lot - congrats on 70 followers! And I can't wait to hear about "I Am the Messenger". Though I'm sort of afraid... then I'll probably have to add it to my "BUY ASAP" list. Which means I have to have money for it. ;) Oh boy!

And the So You Think You Can Dance videos? They made me miss the show. :) Awesome dances, guest judges (LIKE GAGA! :D)... Cat Deely, towering above all the dancers... ;D

Oh, and no, a book pitch isn't the same as a synopsis. When a publisher asks for a synopsis, that means you're supposed to outline the entire book plot. I'm pretty sure a pitch is something like you'd read on the back cover of a book - something to catch the reader's interest but not give too much away. :)

alaw said...

Congrats to the 70 followers!

For the first video...they dance well, but are dressed...well, rather indecently.

Paige said...

Thanks Taylor and Alaw!

@Alaw- Yeah but that's how dancer's have to dress to be able to do all the cool things they do.

alaw said...

True enough...