Friday, July 29, 2011

Guest posters needed!

Hi again, I know this is the third post today, but this is important! I will be absent from blogger from August 6th-16th and I need some more guest posters to post for me while I am away! 

I actually took this photo last year at the beach.. isn't it pretty?
I will be heading off to the beach for a week, and then to see my family for the last three days at their dairy farm where they have over 500 cows, and some horses, sheep, goats, chicken, turkeys, dogs, and cats! I will be going to ride horses during those three days and I'm so excited! While we are there, we also get to feed baby calves and walk miniature horses!

 I have a miniature horse that lives there. He is old, fat, and rambunctious. His name is Rambo. I love him. I've never talked about him on blogger before but here he is..

I've even ridden him before. Sometimes he likes to be ridden and sometimes he doesn't.. last year.. he bucked me off and I fell gracefully to the ground. Yes, I was told my fall was graceful. And I'm proud of it. There are so many memories my cousins and I share around Mini Horses. Like one time I was walking a show horse... he BUCKED ME IN THE STOMACH AND RAN DOWN THE STREET! It was a wild horse chase! He even dragged my cousin on the ground after we finally caught him! But Rambo isn't mean like that. He's too lazy anyway. I hope I can see him this year.. hopefully..

Aside from my farm adventures, I'll be at the beach. Skim Boarding, sun bathing, swimming, reading, eating, for a week. I don't want to not post on this blog at all while I'm gone. I'd like to give you guys something to read while I'm gone. I have some guest posters lined up already.. but I need more. 

Marisa- 6th
Converse- 8th
Shelby (Maybe) -11th
Devin- 14th
Needed- 16th

So, as you can see there are one (possibly two) places open. If you'd like to guest post, just leave a comment telling me the day you'd like (as long as it's open) and your email address! You can post about ANYTHING you want, just as long as it's not like.. inappropriate and explicit.

In your post, feel free to mention the name & link to your blog, use it as free advertising if you want! The only really rule I have is that you must be following my blog. I'd like to be following you as well but I don't know some of your URL's! (Feel free to leave them)

You must give me your email address that you use WITH BLOGGER so I can add you all as authors to my blog on August 2nd or 3rd. You will have from then until the day your post is scheduled to work on your post! If you finish early, just schedule it to be posted on your day..
-Post options
-Post date and time
-Scheduled at
-Then put in the date and time of your post.

You can post it any time of the day. Just not late at night, please. Just make sure it goes up on the day you are scheduled for! I will have internet at the beach so I can get on blogger, but I won't have time to post stuff.

The first five people to leave their email and a date they want will get an email from me! Or if you want you can email me at

Please please leave comments! To anyone who does, thank you so much! Even if I don't get two more people, you guys will still see those amazing people mentioned above post! To anyone who comments, I really appreciate it!

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Qui said...

I'll gladly post on any day that you want! :) Email me with your response. :)

Evie J said...


Okay, now that that's over with: I can post for you whichever date. :) evelynburdette [at] gmail [dot] com. :)

Paige said...

Thank you, guys! You have both been emailed :)

Haha Evie I'm glad you like Rambo, he is a cutie. I'll have to take some pictures of him and post them if I see him this year! He takes like an hour to catch ahah :p

Anonymous said...

ADORABLE ANIMAL ALERT! Hehehe. Rambo is so cute! I hope you have an awesome vacation. :D It sounds like it'll be fantastic!

And I'd volunteer to guest post. But it seems my name is already on the list. xD

Anyway, you got those open spaces filled up quick - last night I didn't have time to comment, but I glanced through and saw seven open spaces. Now there are only 2-3 left! You've got some good followers, Paige. :D

The Divine Writer said...

u still looking for guest bloggers? I can do one on one day that someone is doing one! ;)

and you already have my email.

Converse said...

I still haven't written mine yet..... I'm such a failure, but it's really hard to get past writers block.