Thursday, July 28, 2011

Guess what?!

AHHHH!!!!!! Guys! Guess what happened to me today? So, I went to visit another college. Well, that's not the big deal. While I was watching my favorite TV Shows.. I got an email from Sweet Designs Online Magazine, letting me know that I am now an Entertainment Writer for their magazine!

What is Sweet Designs Magazine exactly? A magazine of "The Voice of a New Generation," being.. us teenagers! The magazine is for young women and teenage girls. On the site, they have things like Fashion & Beauty, Real Life Advice and stories, Advice columns, Poetry, Short stories, Health, Entertainment, and Fun Stuff!

Under the specific "Entertainment" Category they write things like Book, Movie, Music, and TV show Reviews, as well as features on authors, entertainment figures, and other topics. That is where I will be writing mainly, but I am allowed to submit articles/reviews to other categories too!

You guys should REALLY check out the website. It is so cool and I think all you girl followers of mine would love it! Please check out the site and view the July 2011 issue! Go to this site or click on the button above OR on my sidebar-

Please leave comments on the site on the current issue!
I will start writing for the August 2011 issue.. I'll let you guys know when it's out!

I'm excited, I'm a writer for an online magazine! It's so fun saying that! Thank you to Jennifer for letting me know about this magazine!

If you love me, please check out the site! And even if you don't, do it anyway!

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alaw said...

I'm a writer for an online magazine, too...but I just started and the author has been really busy with school an stuff and has had no time to post a new article with my stuff yet. :(

Sophia said...

That is so cool!

Taylor Lynn said...

That's so awesome, Paige, congratulations!!! You must be ecstatic. :)

Have you ever considered checking out the Teen Ink magazine? You might be interested in it!

Devin said...

So cool, Paige! I will definitely check it out. They are lucky to have such a great new writer joining their team! :)

Sam said...

Congrats! That is so cool! I'll be sure to check it out sometime :)

Converse said...

Awesome!!!! Paige (just thought you should know).. There is a new Entertainment Weekly Magazine coming out about the men of the Hunger games! It come's out tomorrow!!! So get it while you can!

And congrats! Your dreams are coming true right before your eyes :D

I'll check it out when I can!

firefly114 said...

That's awesome! Which college were you visiting? I went through that process, so glad I'm finally done with that. I visited over twenty schools! And I applied to twelve and ended up getting into my early decision choice which was kind of annoying because I'd done all those other apps!
But anyway, congratulations! I'm so excited for you.

Duchess Satine Kenobi said...


Paige said...

Thank you everyone!

@Firefly- Penn State Main Campus. It was beautiful but HUGE! I'll end up going to one of the branches for my first two years and then transferring to there my junior year. I visited that and three other schools this summer. Wow, twenty! That's a lot! At least you had a lot of schools to compare! I'm glad you got into your early decision, I'm hoping I'll get into mine too, even though I'll apply to others also. Thanks for commenting!