Sunday, July 24, 2011

God only knows..

God only knows a lot of things in this world, one of those things being the future. He has a plan for us and He knows where we are going to end up in our lives. We humans can't predict the future. Only He can.

That's why this whole "end of the world" thing is so stupid. When was it supposed to end last? May 21st of this year?
Oh look...

That just proves the world will not end on December 22nd, 2012. Humans cannot predict when the world will end. If we did somehow predict it, then God would change it so we wouldn't be right! We aren't supposed to know the future, so God would not allow us to know when something that significant will happen.

The whole "2012" movie was just to scare people and to make money.

"Scientists" have predicted that the world is going to crack in half because all the planets align on that day and "we can't handle the gravitational pressure." But, here's the funny thing that I learned in science..The planets have aligned MANY TIMES before and that has never happened. So, why would this time be any different?

I am going to come on here on December 23rd, 2012 and do a massive IN YO FACE post. I mean, wasn't it the Mayans who predicted that? I bet they didn't even predict it, they just got tired of writing and stopped making the calender! They knew they'd be dead by then so why continue?

God only knows when the world will end. 

God has this whole big plan for us. I mean almost a year ago when I started this blog, I never knew it would be a book and writing blog also. I intended for this blog to be like a "entertainment news" blog. If you look at the title "The 828" (Which is my interpretation of The 411) which means "The latest gossip, information, or news," that's what this blog was going to be. If you look at some of my early posts, you'll notice that.

I never knew I'd have 68 followers EVER either. (Well.. I had 69 yesterday... GRR.)  I had my first follower which was my cousin, then I got 2 followers and it was actually a real person, I almost flipped out! I'm thankful for every single one of you.

I mean back then when it was still a "news blog," I had no idea I wanted to be an author, too. I still had the whole journalist thing going on. And I still do.. but author also. I mean I wrote stories since third grade, but I never knew that it would turn into my passion.

God only knew. 
Will this blog ever get 100 followers? I hope so, but God only knows. 

Like two years ago, I didn't even want to be a journalist or an author. It never crossed my mind once. I wanted to be something completely different, and I was really serious about it, too. I took a class freshman year about it and realized I hated it and that the job wasn't for me. What was that job you ask? Okay.. wait for it.. wait for it..

An Interior Designer! 
There are a few problems with that career choice-
1. I can't draw.
2. I hate learning about colors, patterns and color schemes.
3. It's hard to find a job as one.
4. They don't make good money.
5. I can't draw. Yes, I'm aware I said it twice.

I mean I still like picking out furniture, wall colors and decorations, but it isn't the career for me. Two years ago I was sure I was going to go to college for Interior Designing. I didn't know that I'd go onto a fan website for something I was into at the time, find myself submitting news to the "site news reporters" about that topic, and realize that I wanted to do that, too. I didn't know I'd be the youngest editor ever of my school newspaper either. I didn't know I'd find and write a book that is currently ranked at 150. (Another personal record)

God only knew.
I mean, we as kids are asked all the time, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Some of us don't know at all, and some of us think we know, like me.

I mean, I might change my mind. I really hope I don't.. but I might. God only knows what I am going to be in the future.
I could be a chef.. HAHA..
I could be a scientist.
I could cure cancer. Yeah, right. 
I could be a space man..You're not even a man! And Obama cut the space exploring plan!
I could get published and be a New York Times Best Selling Author..I hope..
I can be a famous journalist...I hope..
I could open my own dance studio.. It's possible..

God only knows. 

Same with reading, two years ago I didn't know reading would be one of the things I love to do. In 7th grade.. I NEVER read books. Can you believe I made it my goal to never check out a book from the library? I'm not kidding. And, I succeeded. That whole year I didn't check out a single book from the library, I never read anything.
Then in 8th grade, I read the Twilight books, The Host, and a few other books I liked. But, I still didn't love reading like I do now. 9th grade I don't think I read too much either.

Then the beginning of 10th grade (September 2010), I stared reading the Pretty Little Liars series because I didn't feel like waiting for the show to come back on. I ended up reading the whole series and loving it. Then after that is where my reading really took off. I couldn't stop. I am on my 25th book this year, and my goal is 40 books. I never knew I'd love it so much and one simple book would start it all.

Will I reach my goal of 40 books this year? God only knows. 

I still thought I'd be best friends with my ex-best friend now. But we aren't. I hope God gives me a new friend just as good as she was.

Two years ago I didn't know that I'd love Taylor Swift music. I hated, hated, hated her two years ago and made fun of her voice and lyrics. I didn't know she'd be the first concert I ever went to! I love her now.

I mean it makes me wonder, who am I going to marry? Are they walking the earth right now? How will I meet them? Will I even get married? I hope so.

Will Flawed ever make the Top Five on Inkpop? I doubt it, but maybe. Will I meet Jess Leprotto? (The best and most attractive dancer on SYTYCD) maybe..I really hope so.Will I meet Sara Shepard one day?  Will I make the musical next year? Will the dance team be started? Where will I go to college?

God can only answer these questions. He decides what we are going to be and do in life.
So, what is the point of this post exactly, Paige?

Well, if you read this whole thing, thank you. It is so you can all learn more about me, and more importantly  that you know that God has this huge plan for us and has plenty in store for us. So, your life may be suckish right now, but things will get better. God has a plan for you. He loves every single one of us, and everything happens for a reason. So, don't give up on your dreams.

What does God have in store for me? God only knows.

Every time I see this scene anywhere or while I'm driving, I think of God. What makes you think of God?

"Laziness pays off now, hard work pays off later." 

When will I learn to take my own advice? God only knows. 

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Sam said...

WOW! That was an awesome post, Paige! All of that is SO true. You took everything I've wanted to post about for a while now and wrote it all down.

Matthew 24:36 "No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son,[f] but only the Father." proves that no one knows when the end of the world will happen.
And guess what? They came up with a NEW date. Sometime this year in November they're predicting. Ugh, it drives me crazy because people do it all for publicity.

A news blog??? I love the kind of stuff you blog about now.

I wanted to be an interior designer, too, but now I'd either want to be something in the fashion business or a veterinarian.

Again, WOW. This was such an inspirational true post. Keep up the awesome work! :)

-Sam :)

Converse said...

I love this post!!! Whoot whoot!! The funny thing is, some substitute pastor talked about the end of the world today!! I have no idea where I will end up in life. I have dreams and goals and stuff, but what if I don't make it into a college..... This post really makes me think about it. And you're right Paige, God is the one who only knows, and lets just pray it stays that way :D

Amaranthine said...


I check Flawed for updates all the time! I hope it makes top five. My goal this year is 100 books. ;)

Devin said...

Great post, Paige! I couldn't more! I was actually about to quote the exact passage in the Bible that Sam did. It clearly says that only God (ONLY!) knows when the world is going to end which implies it will happen when we least expect it. If we're expecting it, I doubt it's gonna happen. Just sayin'. My friend Jessica and I are declaring that day of 2012 "Live Like You're Dying Day". Not because we actually thing we're going to die, more because of we like excuses for doing stupid things. ;) Congrautlations on so many followers by the way!
Also, I want more Flawed, so write more ASAP my dear!

Anonymous said...

Great post! And everything was so true. We can't know what god has in store for us-only he does.

alaw said...

Great post, my friend!

I am kinda interested in the interior designer thing, too, and I am also interested in the teacher job, but I think I'm going to go into web designing. But God only knows where I will end up. :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Great job, Paige! You obviously put some thought into this post. :)

This, by the way, it my dream. > "I could get published and be a New York Times Best Selling Author."

I'm gonna make it happen. :) Let's be bestselling authors together, okay? :D

That's shocking that YOU didn't always read, though. :O I'm shocked! Did I say that I'm in shock because of that shocking news? xD

And that hope photo? EPIC. I <3 it. Gotta steal it. xD

Okay, I'm done rambling now! (I think!)