Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Check out my guest post!

Hey, everyone. Sorry for no cool post today, I'm still suffering from Blogger's block...
But, I guest posted on another blog! You should check it out! It all about summer fashion trends!

Check out the post here!

It's on Sam's blog. She's newer to Blogger and could use some love from us! So go follow Sam's blog and check out my guest post!

Hopefully I'll think of something to post about tomorrow... 
For those of you who have read Flawed. I took out the prologue. A part of me died inside but a few people told me it would be better for the story. What do you think? Leave comments!

And follow Sam's blog!

Here is a video for your enjoyment- It's Rebecca Black's new single My Moment. Okay, is it just me or is that WAY better than Friday? I actually like it. She does have talent and is really brave to try again after all the horrible things people said about her after Friday came out.

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Anonymous said...

I just checked out your guest post and left a comment! :)

And "My Moment"? Fantastic, especially since Rebecca had the guts to do it after all nastiness she was met with due to "Friday". Thank you for sharing it! <3

alaw said...

THAT'S REBECCA BLACK?!? Doesn't sound like her at all! SO much better than Friday!

Converse said...

Im so proud of Rebecca for standing up to all those ruthless people and showing that she can sing :)

Sam said...

Thanks so much for spreading the word about my blog on yours!! That was so nice and you really didn't need to do that.

And the new Rebecca Black song was way better than Friday! Hopefully all her haters don't rip her apart with this song like they did with Friday.