Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pass it on! *J's Part, you're up Ley Firewalker!*

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Here is J's part of the story-

James and me....no. Elena and Ethan. We're just Elena and Ethan. I kept trying to tell myself this, trying to convince myself that it wasn't as bad as it seemed. We were in character. When we stepped on that stage, I wouldn't see James.

I wouldn't see those blue eyes, and remember the look in them as we had laid beside one another in the grass field behind the high school, legs intertwined and lips only inches away from each other.

I wouldn't see that hair I'd once run my fingers through just to feel the strands fall through my fingers. Just to feel connected to him in any way possible.

This wasn't the end of the world, I told myself. In fact, it would be a learning experience. I would really
put my acting skills to the test. If pretending that the boy you're acting beside isn't actually the ex who you left broken-hearted months ago than I don't know what is.

Elena and Ethan. We're just Elena and Ethan.

Unfortunately, all this convincing went right out the window the first night of rehearsals.


Awesome job, J! next up is Ley Firewalker!

Paige (Me) *Done*
Qui *Done*
Nova *Done*
Endor *Done*

Taylor Lynn *Done*

Hana C* Done*

Marisa *Done*

J *Done*

Ley Firewalker *You're up!*

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Anonymous said...

Awesome, J! I love how this story is turning out. I get so excited every time I see a new installment!

Anonymous said...

Awesome job! Can't wait to see more =D