Thursday, June 2, 2011

Monster by Paramore

I'm so excited! Paramore has a new single coming out called Monster! It will be on tomorrow, and on Itunes on June 7th! It's for the Transformers album.. but I don't care! I'm so excited! That's the cover for the song! I wonder if it will sound different with the Farro brothers out of the band.. hopefully it will still be just as good!

Are you a fan of Paramore? Tell me!


J said...

I'm so excited! Can't wait to hear it. :)
I'm already in love with the clip, so I'm sure the full version is ten times more amazing.

I really think that Josh and Zac leaving was a good thing. At first, I worried but I really think now that Paramore has three members who all seem to be on the same level and aren't hiding anything or going against ideas for the sake of a member.

I really think Zac just followed the leader. I mean, Josh is his brother so it probably would have been awkward for him to have a family member that hates the band he plays for and the people he tours with so much.

Anonymous said...

I can't say I'm a fan of Paramore, because fan implies that their music is my favorite and I have more than just one of there songs on my iPod. LOL. But I do really like their music! :D

Momma Too Many said...

I LOVE Paramore!