Tuesday, May 3, 2011

There's a vulture on my shoulder and he's telling me to give in...

"This doesn't make much sense, think far out but I'm still locked in. I'm still lost, walk in circles. The floor swallowed me up, Oh, there's no where to go.

There's a vulture on my shoulder and he's telling me to give in. Always hissing right in my ear like it's coming from my own head. It's got me fixed up, trying not to give up, knowing there's a way to get out of here. Fixed at zero."

A girl named EasyTargetHollie made a comment on my Paramore post and said I would like the band VersaEmerge. And well I looked them up, and let me say I am SO GLAD I did!

This is now my second favorite band next to Paramore. They're called VersaEmerge, you may have heard of them but they aren't as popular as Paramore, but they definitely should be!

They released their debut album called Fixed at Zero in June 2010. They've had three EP's though, Cities Built on Sand, Perceptions, and VersaEmerge.

The current band members are Sierra Kusterbeck (Lead singer), Blake Harnage (lead guitar, vocals, programming ), and Devin Ingelido (bass guitar, backing vocals)

But, Devin's last show with the band will be on May 7th. He is leaving to spend more time with his wife and new born baby.

"You play my nerves like strings, all upside down.

Try to keep straight...My limbs are bonding now.

Since a few aprils ago, endless chase to send away this...Tireless persistence of taste.With a touch of your words I saw the devil sneak between my fingers (all to familiar),With a touch of your words I've learned to reverse. It's gotten me no where..."


"With a swerve, my eyes avert. My mouth somehow forgets to work. So I stare until you shout, wondering why you can't figure me out.

With a change, I call the names, I'm spitting out words, hoping it works. Still I stare while they all shout. Why can't I even figure it out?"

-Figure it out.

"You'll never know I didn't want it to go the way it went ,South. Not a word from my mouth, But from the moment I shook your hand I was determined.
When I'm near you I don't speak, I barely look. I'm afraid you'll see it in my face.

Each time it, honey, drips right off of my lips, I never stick, so how'd you get me stuck in this? Each time it, honey, drips right off of my lips,and now I wish you never got me stuck in this. But it won't show and you'll never know, I'll lay low and you'll never know."

-You'll Never Know.

So check out VersaEmerge, if you love Paramore, you'll love this band too! If you already listen to them, what is your favorite song by them? Let me know!

Here is my favorite song so far by them, Fixed at Zero, check it out!


EasyTargetHollie said...

Ohh i'm so glad that you liked them!!!

Momma Too Many said...

Hi! I don't follow your blog, but I'm a regular post stalker. Question: My mom has to approve all the music I listen to. (Don't ask why.) Would VersaEmerge pass her test? (No songs about the s-word, no expletives...basic stuff.) It takes FOR-EVER to find a band with none of that stuff!!

Paige said...

@ Momma too many-
I think so. From the songs I've heard by them they're aren't any swear words. And I don't think any of the songs are about the S word either, just like being in love and stuff.

Thanks so much for telling me to look them up! I love them!