Friday, May 6, 2011

Don't let it happen to you.

Have you ever gotten an ear infection? Lots of us have. Did you ever hear a ringing or wooshing sound in your ear while it's infected? That's Tinnitus.

I suffer from Tinnitus every single day of my life. It's terrible. When taking tests at school and the room is completely quiet, I can't focus, I just want to rip my ears off and just make the noise stop. I can't even be in my bedroom without my sound machine on. I wouldn't get any sleep without the sound machine. The noise is always there. The sound machine just dulls it out.

It's different for everyone, sometimes it's ringing, wooshing like an ocean (trust me it's not a pleasant ocean at all, wooshing is what I have.) Or even heatbeats and plenty other sounds.

Where is the sound coming from? It's your brain making you think you hear a sound. ALL THE FRIGGIN TIME. I'd like to slap my brain really hard sometimes and beg it to stop.

For me, it will never stop, but it's not too late for you guys. You can prevent this so easily. Don't blast your iPods, that can be a major cause, although that's not how I got Tinnitus. I got mine from my eardrum blowing up BUT that's not likely to happen to you. (I hope.)

I saw this on the news just now, that's why I did this post. They came up with something to help it that costs $5,000. I'm like wow, thanks SO MUCH.

So many people suffer from this and I don't want any one else to have to go through what I go through every day. So please, don't blast your iPods, it's for your own good. I'm a teenager and this happened to me, so it doesn't just happen to old people.

If you have tinnitus, leave a comment and tell me, I never get to talk to anyone about it because no one understands.


Converse said...

I think I suffer from it too, but it's very faint most of the time. My is the annoying ringing sound. Yeah, it's probably my sister fault because she BOOMS the music in her car.

Jedi~Chick said...

Wow. Sometimes I hear a ringing sound out of nowhere.....but it only happens on occasions. I always monitor how loud my sister is playing her iPod, because she usually BLASTS THE DARN THING SO LOUD that I'm afraid it will hurt her ears. I always keep mine low. I had a friend growing up who was deaf in one ear because of blasting his iPod and bursting his eardrum. I was terrified of playing my music too loud after that, and now it's just out of habit. :P
That must be so hard, especially trying to sleep or concentrate. I play a soothing sounds app on my iPod before bed, because I have problems sleeping. But it's not because of my ears.
And when I was little, I had a MILLION ear infections. My cousin had even more than I did and had to have little tubes put in her ears. ;P

This was a good post. Very informative. I didn't even know what tinnitus was before this. Thanks Paige! ;)

Jedi~Chick <3

Devin said...

Awh, I'm really sorry:( I just wanted to let you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE Flawed!

Paige said...

@ Converse- I'd hate to have the ringning, mine is wooshing. Tell your sister to stop booming music! lol

@ Jedi- Yeah before I had Tinnitus permenatley, it used to happen on occasions, it happens on occaions to everyone. Even though my permanent sound is wooshing, sometimes I'll get ANOTHER ringing sound on top of it for a few seconds. Wow, he must have had his music really loud to burst it! Mine bursted because I had too many ear infections and five sets of tubes! So it finally just withered away! So I lost about 65% of the hearing in that ear so that's the reason I have Tinnitus.

@ Devin- aw thanks so much! I'm glad you like it! :)

Munch said...

I didn't know that's what Tinnitus was, and I'm glad I do now. I hear a ringing sound when it is silent, especially in the car. I'm hearing it right now :(

Momma Too Many said...

First off, good for you for being an advocate! Secondly, I have had tinitus since I was a teenager, and YES it was from blasting my headphones too loud. Sadly now I have to turn up the music just to be able to hear over the ringing. Keep putting the truth out there, hopefully others will hear it!

~Nova's Mom