Saturday, April 30, 2011

Flawed is finally public!

Yes! I'm so happy! My book Flawed is finally public on!

I'd love you forever if you went and read it, and possibly commented and/or picked it. I'd die of happiness. I really want some feedback from it!

I've worked really hard on this, the hardest off all my books yet, and I'm determined to finish this one! I started it on December 17th, 2010, and now it's finally reached over 10,000 words on April 30th, 2011!

Here is the most recently updated pitch-

Popularity has a price, it just depends on how far you'll go to pay it.

" Sometimes you trust too many people, and they don't deserve it at all. I've been lied to my entire life, and I'm just finding this out now. Turns out the people I thought I could truly trust, shattered that relationship like a broken vase. I'm stuck in the middle now, not sure where to turn, going insane. Now that I know the ugly truth hidden behind their eyes, I'm hopelessly lost."

Dakota Wright thought she had everything. Popularity, amazing friends, a great boyfriend, the latest fashions, and incredible dancing skills. Once she leaves the dull Rexford High and enters The San Diego School of Preforming Arts, she loses it all. Her baseball star boyfriend and fabulous Rexford friends aren't as trustful as she believed they were. She's no longer a queen- be of the school, and she'll go to new heights to get her crown back. And Dakota thought she was so talented until she met the students at this new school! Then to top it all, a horrible family secret is uncovered that will change how people see her and alter her life forever. No matter how much Dakota wants to be perfect, she'll always be flawed.

Please read it if you get a chance! I'd really appreciate it!


Zebra Corriina said...

I luuv this pic!!

Anithepirate said...

Congratulation! Hope you make the top picks on day! :3


Munch said...

That's so cool! I promise to read it when I have the time!

Unknown said...
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Fraser said...

Hey Paige,
I absolutely love your blog. So cool. I think your story, Flawed is amazing too. When I click on your link, it doesn't work. Is is possible if you could post it anywhere else so I can read it?
Thanks. I am a really big fan.

My name is Fraser. Yes I am a girl. : )

Paige said...

@Fraser- Hi! Awh, thanks so much, that means a lot! The reason the link doesn't work is because Inkpop (The site where I had it on) was shut down. If you really want me to I could send you a few chapters over email. But I discontinued writing Flawed unfortunately, but if you'd still like to read what I wrote up to, shoot me an email at