Thursday, April 7, 2011

Evie's amazing giveaway!

Most of us know the fabulous Evie J at Her blog is amazing and has tons of followers, she was also very famous on where 3 of her books made the top five. If you don't know her, you should go check out her blog because1. Evie is really cool, and 2. she's having an amazing giveaway! If you've seen Evie's blog you know her layout is just simply adorable and so unique, because she creates that layout all on her own! She's got some serious artistic ability going on over there.. I wish I was artistic *_* Considering that I have no artistic ability, I am going to enter her giveaway for my chance to win a free blog layout designed by Evie herself! You should check out the giveaway at this link... Another awesome thing about Evie is that she's a kick-butt Words With Friends player, she happens to be beating me by like over 200 points now. Go Evie! :D


Evie J said...

Ahahaha! This made my day! *hugs* Thanks August 28th buddy! :D

Evie J said...

Gah! You'll have to fill out the form again. After you fill it out, click "Submit," instead of "Post a Comment." Then it should enter you. :)